In Poland, they explained their hatred of everything Russian: society: world:

A member of the National Development Council under the President of Poland, a professor at Warsaw University Witold Modzelewski explained the reasons for hatred of all things Russian and Soviet among some Polish politicians. He wrote about this in the publication Myśl Polska.

According to him, Russophobia “stems from the belief that the almighty patron, the only defender of the free world and something else there – the United States – has always held and will continue to occupy an anti-Russian position, and for its decision in verbal attacks on the” evil empire ” he can even praise. “The expert suggested that in the event of a rapprochement between Washington and Moscow, Polish Russophobia would suddenly disappear,” because the former position would cease to be useful. “

Former Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declaredthat Poland “leads in the anti-Russian race” in demolishing monuments. Lavrov also believes that Russophobia as a national idea is intentional, constant and large-scale in the country.

In July 2017, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a new version of the excommunication law, which calls for the dismantling of Soviet monuments across the country, including busts and plaques. The ban, which went into effect in the fall of 2017, did not affect cemeteries and cemeteries. In addition, it is planned to remove communist elements from the names of schools, other social institutions, buildings, structures and public objects, streets, bridges and squares.

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