I was scammed out of £14,500 by a cowboy builder – he stole tens of thousands from 20 single mums and NHS workers


A VICTIM of a scammer has shared how she was conned out of £14,500 from a cowboy builder who additionally stole thousands from single mums and NHS workers.

Fraudster Morgan Lewis, 23, scammed a complete of 20 folks for round £50,000, leaving them in debt to repay his unfinished work.

Morgan scammed people out of thousands of pounds
Morgan scammed folks out of thousands of kilosCredit: Media Wales
He has left his victims with unfinished jobs
He has left his victims with unfinished jobsCredit: Esther Guard/Media Wales
Esther asked him to build two stables that were left unfinished
Esther requested him to construct two stables that had been left unfinishedCredit: Esther Guard/Media Wales

According to Bridgend council, which prosecuted him, he has not repaid any of the victims.

Morgan was jailed after pleading responsible to 11 expenses below the Fraud Act and 10 additional expenses below the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

One of his victims Mandy Evans, 51, from Ceredigion, was conned out of £14,500 when she requested him to construct ten stables on her land, studies Wales Online.

She stated: “I was trying round for quotes and I requested my daughter if she might discover any individual, and she stated she discovered any individual on Facebook.

“It looked very professional, the pictures of all his work and the stables, they were fantastic.”

After agreeing on a quote of £12,500 which later elevated to £14,500, Morgan defined he wanted a third of the fee upfront to cowl the fee of the supplies wanted.

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Mandy stated that she instructed him she wanted to attend for planning however the fraudster responded that he woulnd not have the ability to match her in his schedule if she didn’t e book in the mean time.

The girl agreed and paid him £4,500 and stated would inform him as soon as the planning was agreed- which might be six months later in June 2021.

She stated: “He’d had this four and a half thousand for about six months, so I said right, we’re ready to go, planning is through, let’s get the stable block up and he just started making excuses.”

The scammer instructed her he would wish extra money as his supplies acquired stolen.

Mandy stated he finally arrived in a massive, principally empty trailer- nonetheless, Morgan had discovered methods to manipulate his victims by doing simply the correct quantity of work that may forestall them from calling the police.

When Mandy voiced her issues in regards to the mission he would ensure that to make sure her it will be accomplished.

“It got to the point where he was saying I swear on my unborn child, on my mother, I will not let you down but I need the money,” she stated.

When Morgan failed to finish the job, Mandy’s husband and uncle had been pressured to complete it as a substitute.

Morgan scammed a quantity of folks in a related manner primarily by concentrating on weak households.


Natalie Treharne, 29, and her husband referred to as Morgan to construct a shed of their backyard.

The pair wanted the additional area as storage as their 13-year-old daughter has a uncommon genetic dysfunction that requires a lot of tools.

And regardless of promising he would ship the shed, Morgan would once more provide you with excuses.

Natalie instructed the outlet: “He was at all times sick with psychological well being, or we’d get a message on the morning of the day and saying nobody of the boys is sick, there was at all times a cause why he couldn’t come.

“I kept saying to him, this is Maisie’s money, she’s only 13, she’s got a rare genetic disorder and we’ve just got equipment all over the house, her bedroom is full of boxes.”

Another sufferer Esther Guard, 44,  from Carmarthenshire, contacted him to construct two stables.

While he began the work he quickly began committing errors and making up excuses.

Esther stated: “It has made me really feel extraordinarily offended.

“I think the worst of it is that none of the affected people have been able to get the money back.”

Morgan was finally jailed for 16 months and an investigation below the Proceeds of Crime Act continues.

Judge Niclas Parry described him as calculated, manipulative and typically aggressive.

The courtroom was instructed that he scammed a quantity of folks together with single mums, NHS workers, and a widow.

The folks have been left in debt making an attempt to get the work accomplished and even used pension funds or cash that had been half of an inheritance.

BCBC Dhanisha Patel, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Future Generations, and member of the SRS Joint Committee, stated: “The conclusion of this case sends out the clear message that buying and selling practices similar to these, which have resulted in our residents being ripped off, is not going to be tolerated.

“Anyone with concerns about rogue traders or seeking advice on finding reputable tradespeople, should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.”

Morgan conned people out of £50,000
Morgan conned folks out of £50,000Credit: Media Wales
He would say he needed the money upfront to pay for the materials
He would say he wanted the cash upfront to pay for the suppliesCredit: Esther Guard/Media Wales

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