I Can See It In Your Eyes That You Wanna Get Out Tiktok Song Lyrics: Find The Meaning Here


“I Can See It In Your Eyes That You Wanna Get Out” has been trending on TikTok lately. Find out the song’s lyrics and meaning of the song here. 

TikTok comes up with several trends and challenges on the app from its users. The app with almost a billion users brings up songs from a different artist every other day. Lately, I Can See It In Your Eyes That You Wanna Get Out has been trending lately. 

The users bring on their own twists on different trends. It has been the platform for people to share a dance, glow-ups, edgy humor, and fun activities. Sometimes the trend peaks up out of nowhere and gets popular amongst the users. 

Let’s find out everything about the latest trend on the song here. 

 I Can See It In Your Eyes That You Wanna Get Out is a song from the Swedish-American rapper Lil Peep. You can find the song lyrics here (Click Here). The song was originally released on December 1, 2015, which is resurfacing on TikTok as a trend. 

The song which has Lil Skil as a featured artist is from the album named Live Forever. People have been vibing on the catchy part of the song. 

@mickiers empty garage
♬ nuts by lil peep – makayla

You can find the song on YouTube, SoundCloud, and all of the other streaming platforms. They re-released the song on all of the platforms on December 17, 2021, after it went viral on TikTok. 

According to Genius, the song is Lil Peep’s coldest, slowest, and darkest mixtape. The site also mentions that the girl referred to in the verse of the song is his ex-girlfriend.

Reportedly, he met his ex-girlfriend in elementary school and spent most of their schooling together. 

 I Can See It In Your Eyes That You Wanna Get Out Meaning On Videos Explained 

The TikTok users are mostly using the song I can See It In Your Eyes to portray their broken hearts. Through the song’s lyrics, they express the feeling of feeling lonely and alone. 


it’s so visible yet no one notices making me feel trapped and alone.

♬ nuts by lil peep – makayla

Apart from that many people have been using the sound to share their makeup looks and some have a POV to it to give a video more meaning. Meanwhile, some have uploaded a video on the song just to appreciate Lil Peep’s song. 

To make your own video on the song, you can find it on the app when you search “nuts by Lil peep”. The song is also available on every streaming platform as of now. 

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