How to take the ‘5000 Character Quiz’ that’s going viral on TikTok


Everybody loves to know which of their favorite fictional characters they best match with. A quiz that determines exactly that using a certain technique has gone viral.

Several TikTok users are excitedly sharing the results of the quiz, showing off the character they are from the entertainment realm.

The results are sure to take you by surprise! If you want to participate in the character quiz, here are the steps you need to follow.

SCREENSHOT from propertyofjamesmfpotter’s TikTok

What is the Character Quiz?

Character Quiz is an interactive personality quiz created by It matches you to fictional characters by deriving data from similar descriptions.

The assessment displays characters from completely different genres and analyzes which one of them you match the closest with based on your answers.

Even though each question displays two characters, you could be matched with any character that falls in the spectrum.

For example, you could either be like Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde’ or Batman or any other character between them chosen from 5000+ options.

How to participate in the quiz?

The steps to take the character quiz are pretty simple.

Go to

Once you land on the main page, you will see a series of options placed under one another.

Each option consists of a blue dot, in between which, one character is on each end with four options.

You need to drag the blue dot to indicate which of the traits you relate the most with.

For instance, if the question is “I’d describe myself as…”, you will have to choose between “the girl or guy next door”, “pretty normal with a few quirks”, “somewhat unconventional” and “very quirky. I’m one of a kind.”

To view the results, you need to create an account on the website.

Five best examples of the viral trend

Several TikTok and Twitter users have shared the results from the quiz. You ought to take a look at these results.

King of the Con | Official Trailer | discovery+



King of the Con | Official Trailer | discovery+





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