How Much Is Chris Corning Net Worth? American Snowboarder Parents And Girlfriend Shann Details


The Olympics Snowboarder Chris Corning has an estimated net worth of $60 million dollars. Explore his earnings below.

Chris Corning is an American snowboarder who won a bronze medal in slopestyle at the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships 2017. 

Chris vied in big air and slopestyle at Winter X Games XXII and was selected in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Olympics: How Much Is American Snowboarder Chris Corning Net Worth?

The American Snowboarder Chris Corning has a net worth is $60 million dollars. Chris’s main source of income is from his professional career as a snowboarder.

A professional snowboarder can earn between the range of ​$29,000​ and ​$55,000 per year. Many pros may make significantly more or less than the given amount.

Chris also may be involved in other businesses and brand endorsements to have accumulated this large amount of net.

Most athletes are paid specifically when they win tournaments and competitions and much of their income comes from sponsorships. 

Meet Chris Corning Parents Brook Corning and Laura Corning 

Chris Corning was born to parents Brook Corning and Laura Corning on 7 September 1999 in Silverthorne, Colorado.

His father Brook and his mother Laura Corning were both snowboarders who taught Chris how to snowboard as well.

His folks put him at DeVry University where he completed his education.

His father Brook states that he started skiing at age three in Denver. Brook was amazed to see his son progress so fast.

He then switched to snowboarding at age seven. Soon he began competing at 12.

Whenever his parents went snowboarding with the neighbors, he always went skiing with them while they snowboarded.

His love for boarding rose to a deep level and asked his father he wanted to snowboard the next year. When the next year came, his father took him to the Loveland Ski area.

Who Is Chris Corning Girlfriend Turned Fiancee Shann?

Chris Corning’s girlfriend turned fiancee Shann is an athlete herself. They got engaged on 21 September 2021 and are planning to get married soon.

They first started dating on 23rd September but the actual year they met and fell in love is not known. They kept posting about each other since 2018so they might have fallen in love that year.

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, they celebrated love day by visiting a waterfall and seems to be enjoying the moment quite well.

The picture was posted by Shann on her Instagram account @sbergeron919.

The duo looked so much in love and awe with each other and was busily reminiscing the moment.

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