Hot Bods: Boxing, powerlifting and dancing


SINGAPORE – Meet this week’s hot bods – boxing coach Adam Ho, 27, and personal trainer Emilya Idora, 22.

Adam Ho, 27

Boxing coach

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 64kg

Exercise regimen: To prepare for competitions, I exercise six times a week. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I work on my technical skills in boxing. I usually do sprints to condition myself on Wednesdays and go for a long-distance run on Fridays.

On Saturdays, I lift weights to strengthen my upper body, core and lower body.

Diet: My diet is relatively high in protein to aid recovery and high in carbohydrates to fuel my workouts.

I can afford to eat high-carbohydrate meals as I move around a lot when training my clients and thus burn calories. My favourite thing to eat is a wrap with chicken, beans, mashed potatoes and green vegetables.

Emilya Idora, 22

Personal trainer

Height: 1.57m

Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: I do powerlifting, focusing on the three main lifts – squat, bench and deadlift – four times a week, together with hypertrophy work to help with the lifts. On my rest days,

I do 30 minutes of cardio. I have also been involved in the performing arts – specifically, Malay dance – since I was 13. Dancing improves my stamina and endurance, which are crucial to strength training.

Diet: I do not follow a strict diet. However, I try my best to hit my daily protein goals to help with muscle growth and recovery.

As powerlifting requires a lot of energy, I ensure that I consume enough calories to fuel my training.

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