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Hollywood prop grasp lists sequence of ‘breaches’ in deadly ‘Rust’ taking pictures

An skilled prop grasp detailed a sequence of stunning protocol breaches that he blames within the deadly taking pictures involving Alec Baldin on the set of “Rust.”

“First and foremost, the most important protocol is no live ammo on the set,” Scott Reeder, 51, said on his TikTok channel that provides a behind-the-scenes take a look at Hollywood productions.

“A live round is a cartridge with a slug in it — a bullet that can kill someone,” stated Reeder, who stated he’d been “hesitant” to talk out earlier than seeing the witness statements launched Sunday by Sante Fe Sheriff’s Office.

“It appears that rule was breached,” he stated.

“Next, once you have your cart set up with your guns, you do not leave it unattended. You always have someone with their eyes on it from your department,” he stated.

“From what I’ve learn, the primary assistant director walked outdoors of the set to the weapons cart, and grabbed considered one of three weapons that had been sitting there, on a cart that was unattended.

“That’s a breach,” he insisted.

Longtime prop master Scott Reeder ripped armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed for allowing “live ammo on the set.”
Longtime prop grasp Scott Reeder ripped armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed for permitting “live ammo on the set.”
Movie Prop master Scott Reeder gives his views on the 'Rust' movie shooting by Alec Baldwin
Prop grasp Scott Reeder emphasizes that reside weapons should not be left “unattended.”
Alec Baldwin made a video on the set of RUST in New Mexico and posted it to instagram on Oct. 12, 2021.
Prop grasp Scott Reeder says Alec Baldwin’s unintentional deadly taking pictures will not be a “misfire”.

“And the next breach in protocol is the first [assistant director] grabbing a gun — no one should grab a gun except the armorer or the prop master,” he stated.

Reeder — whose bio contains “Machete” and “Friday the 13th” — additionally detailed the prolonged guidelines of security measures normally taken to make sure that weapons utilized in such scenes are loaded with “dummy” rounds.

“From my understanding, it was a close-up on Alec Baldwin’s revolver. As he pulls it out of his holster and cocks as he’s pointing it out the camera, and since the cameras looking right down the barrel of the revolver, you’ve got to have dummy bullets in the cylinder,” he defined.

Movie Prop master Scott Reeder gives his views on the 'Rust' movie shooting by Alec Baldwin
Prop grasp Scott Reeder questioned why “dummy rounds” weren’t loaded on Alec Baldwin’s gun.
“Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed
Former mannequin Hannah Gutierrez Reed was enthusiastic about working her first film as head armor.

“If you’re following protocol, you would take your dummy rounds into the set with an empty gun,” he stated.

Movie Prop master Scott Reeder gives his views on the 'Rust' movie shooting by Alec Baldwin
Prop grasp Scott Reeder demonstrates a small device used to verify the barrel of a gun for any reside rounds.

He then confirmed a small device that’s used to verify that the barrel is evident, and the way the assistant director “shakes each” bullet to verify it’s a dummy earlier than inserting it within the gun on set.

“But none of that happened,” he stated, based mostly on the witness statements.

“The first AD grabbed the gun off the cart, goes inside, arms it to Alec Baldwin and says, ‘Cold gun.’

“And unfortunately, you probably know the rest,” he stated.

Reeder additionally stated it was “bugging” him that the fatality was being dismissed as a “misfire.”

“Well, a misfire is when a gun doesn’t fire,” he stated.

Thursday’s fatality on the New Mexico set of Baldwin’s new film “Rust” would as an alternative be an “accidental discharge,” he stated, saying the “protocols that were breached … led to the firearm killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.”

“My heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy,” he stated.