HIV/AIDS: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


The Human Immunodeficiency Virus popularly seek advice from as HIV is a virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS. Before then, it weakens the immune system, particularly the CD4 cells (T cells) and leaves it susceptible in order that it can’t battle off germs and different widespread exterior invaders.

When somebody immune system is mired with HIV, she or he surfers from illness that wouldn’t ordinarily have an effect on folks on a traditional circumstances. Such abnormalities is a mirrored image of the entrenched virus throughout the physique

HIV is just not gender selective, neither is it restricted by somebody’s age. Anyone can contact it. An individual could look outrightly wholesome and nonetheless unfold the virus with them having to know that they had been already contaminated. Same applies with whoever they’re concerned with.

Having the virus doesn’t instantly translate to Aids. It is one thing to that develops by way of successive phases and could Begin to get extra deadlier within the course of. AIDS is the final stage of HIV.

There haven’t been any really helpful everlasting remedy for this virus apart from some management tablets which helps to handle the an infection. This medication is seek advice from as anti retroviral remedy or ART. This medication not solely assist in prolonging the life’s of contaminated folks, it additionally decrease the possibilities of infecting others if correctly administered. Before the invention of this drug, it’s at all times doable for somebody to develop from HIV into AIDS however with the assistance of ART, somebody recognized with HIV and who shortly resort to therapy can dwell so long as somebody with out the an infection.

HIV could also be say to be in three phases. And when somebody with the illness fails to obtain therapy, it will definitely progress into these phases. But with the assistance of the (ART), it slows the possibilities of such development and undoubtedly reduces transmission.

1:Acute HIV an infection: This is normally the primary stage of HIV an infection. At this stage, an individual could expertise a couple of signs which might imply, the individuals physique is responding to the an infection. An individual may not fall sick however the blood inside she or he has gathered a lot virus that’s simply and readily contagious.

2:scientific latency: At this stage, it’s assume that HIV ha grow to be power within the physique however reproduces at a really low stage. One mustn’t really feel any signs st this stage. Some contaminated individuals have fortunately survived this stage extra a decade whereas some progresses to the subsequent stage. But these taking their medication on common foundation could dwell longer than three a long time. HIV at this stage can also be transmittable however the possibilities turns into much less when an individual is per the (ART) drug

3 Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) 

This is the final stage of HIV. At this stage, illness and signs turns into extra dangerously extreme. The immune system is pang with a badly form immune system on account of the extreme virus and the contaminated individual suffers from sickness often called opportunistic sickness.

The stipulated time for contaminated folks with AIDS who don’t obtain therapy is at most 3 years. Symptoms to AIDS could embrace, fever, swollen lymph, weight reduction and so forth.

Mode of an infection

1. By unprotected sexual activity with a service

2. Analysis intercourse as practised by homosexuals

3. By blood transfusion from an contaminated individual to an uninfected individual.

4. By oral intercourse

5. Using unsterilized contaminated needles

6. From contaminated mom to her child within the womb or throughout start.

This virus HIV is normally seen in places just like the blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk.

Symptoms of HIV/AIDS

1. Weight loss larger than 10%

2. Fever longer than one month

3. Chronic diarrhoea longer than one month

4. Persistent extreme fatigue

5. Persistent cough longer than one month

6. General pores and skin irritation

7. Swelling of the glands

8. Rashes everywhere in the physique.

Control of HIV/AIDS

1. National mass campaigns to teach everybody of the hazards of HIV,how it’s unfold and how you can keep away from it.

2. Keep to 1 devoted accomplice and use condom when having sexual activity.

3. Sharing of injection needles, razor blades, ear piecers should be averted.

4. Blood should be screened to keep away from transfusing blood contaminated with HIV to a affected person.

5. Before marriage, each companions ought to be take a look at their blood to guarantee that they’re each free from HIV.

6. Avoid Analytics and oral intercourse

7. A lady contaminated with HIV, ought to keep away from being pregnant as she could stand the danger of infecting her unborn child.

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