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Shayne is one of the 30 singles on Love Is Blind Season 2 and entered to try and find love in the pods and we think he may have! Though he had a connection with two of the women, his heart chose Natalie and the couple have seemed strong throughout the season.

Both of the pair are very established in their life as well as their career and now fans want to know what Shayne does for a living.

Reality Titbit have found out all about his career, age, Instagram and some fun facts. Keep reading to find out.

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Destination Fear: Trail to Terror | Official Trailer | Discovery+



Destination Fear: Trail to Terror | Official Trailer | Discovery+






Shayne Love is Blind. Picture: Love Is Blind Season 2 | Official Clip: Shayne and Shaina’s First Real Life Encounter | Netflix

Shayne’s Job

Shayne is a man of many talents, his current job is as a real estate broker at RNP Group Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois.

Shayne hasn’t always resided in Chicago however, as he went to university at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and obtained his degree in business administration and marketing in 2017.

Aside from real estate – and it’s no surprise with that hunky physique – Shayne is also a certified personal trainer. Following his time at uni, Shayne went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine and got his certificate in personal training, graduating in 2013.

Before he started his real estate career, Shayne worked as a sales and fitness consultant as well as a personal trainer for FitPro in West Chicago.

More about Shayne

Shayne is 32-years-old originally from Wisconsin and is loved by friends and family for his high energy, bubbly personality and positive attitude.

He was raised in De Pere Wisconsin by his mother, with whom he is very close. Shayne is an avid traveller and loves exploring, he even spent some time abroad and worked in London, England as a marketing intern.

Shayne loves working out – obviously and also enjoys eating good food. He isn’t always healthy despite taking a look at those abs and isn’t afraid to tuck into a pepperoni pizza now and again.

Fun facts about Shayne

Shayne is super close to his family – especially his mom. He loves his mom so much he is a self-proclaimed ‘mamas boy’ and proud.

During the latest five episodes of Love Is Blind we get to see Shayne introduce his fiance Natalie to his mom and they seem to get on great!

One of Shayne’s biggest turn-offs is lateness. He mentioned this in his introductory video so Natalie is going to have to make sure she stays prompt and doesn’t arrive late to the wedding!



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