Ilya Lichtenstein Wikipedia

Ilya Lichtenstein is a classic example where a brilliant mind took the wrong direction and destroyed his career. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison and identifies himself as a tech entrepreneur.

He also worked in 500 startups as an advisor for SalesFolk and Mentor. If anybody sees from outside, it is apparent he was on making a career in the field every tech graduate aspires to make, but he was doing something else beneath.

With his wife, he was laundering the largest amount of Bitcoin ever busted by the authority. The couple was living their dream life with their money, but that did not last very long as they were found and arrested.

As per various reports and legal analysis, the couple will likely face a maximum of a 20-year sentence; however, this may vary if their charge is changed or added. This court hearing will be one of its kind.

Heather Morgan Husband Background- Is He Dutch Or Russian?

There is much confusion floating around regarding Ilya nationality if he is dutch or Russian; actually, he is Russian born and carries both Russian and American citizenship. His nickname is Dutch.

It is said, as per court documents, the couple has a contingent plan, so they must be held in custody. There is also a linkage of them in the dark web for accessing various illicit documents. They are an intelligent criminal.

When their apartment was raided, 50 electronic devices, numerous sims, and burner phones were found. They are so much evidence indicating their various illicit activities.

Due to the hype of the crypto business all around the world, people are currently hundred percent attentive to this case and want to know what will happen to the couple.