Hashim And Saqib Accident Death In A46 Crash Leicester

Hashim and Saqib’s death from the A46 Leicester accident has raised severe concerns to Mayb Vlogs and her mother. 

There has been no official confirmation released from Police authorities on the involvement of Vloggers in the car crash, but the rumors have spread like wildfire on social handles. 

Hasim and Saqib are 20 and 21 years old young lads who have recently passed away due to three pile car collisions near Hill Junction. 

Police are asking anyone in the vicinity in the early morning hours, especially anyone with dashcam footage.

Following a three-car crash in which two individuals died, four persons were arrested on suspicion of murder.

On Friday, the crash happened in Leicester on the A46 near the Six Hills junction at 1.35 a.m.

A silver Skoda Fabia, a grey Audi TT, and a blue Seat Leon were involved.

Leicestershire Police believe they were all speeding.

East Midlands Special Operations Unit Detective Chief Inspector Tony Yarwood urged anyone in the area early in the morning to come forward. 

Especially if the ones who had dashcam evidence on the accident.

Is Mayb Vlogs Arrested For Causing Accident Which Killed Hashim And Saqib?

According to the social media rumor, Mayb Vlogs, aka May Bukhari and her mother, have been arrested for involvement in the car crash. 

Muhamad Hasim and Saqib have been reported to have died due to the car crash in A46 Crash Leicester.

However, the police authorities haven’t released any confirmation on the same. 

Fans and concerns are keenly waiting for authoritative confirmation from the police department. 

May Bukhari, often known as Aka May, is a well-known social media influencer from the United Kingdom with an Islamic background.

Bukhari is a well-known influencer active on social media, YouTube, and Tiktok.

May rose to fame after filming vlogs of her everyday routine on YouTube and various social media platforms.

Many reports are circulating on social media that she has been detained.

However, there is no information on her arrest, and those rumors are regarded as conclusions based on incomplete facts.