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Gogglebox Season 18 Episode 2: Release Date & Where To Watch?

Gogglebox Season 18

Gogglebox is one of the popular drama series of the ear. It is the only drama series which have more than 15 seasons. This drama has created history. Everyone is a huge fan of Gogglebox. Every age group people love to watch this drama series. Viewers do not only watch the drama, but they also adore it. People from every corner of the world are crazy about Gogglebox. Everybody loves Gogglebox. Gogglebox has broken all the records. It is one of the series which has broken every record. And now become the number 1 series.

Gogglebox has captured millions of hearts. It seems that the series has some magical power that attracts everybody towards it. The creators have said that they are so amazed to see the popularity of Gogglebox. The Gogglebox has a total of 17 seasons. And recently, the channel has announced its 18th Season. The news has made everyone crazy. Gogglebox’s fans have become mad. They are continuously asking about episode 1 of Gogglebox Season 18. So, in this article, we will discuss episode 1 of Gogglebox of Season 18. We will also confirm the release date of Gogglebox Season 18. We will confirm its story, genre & cast. And also, we will highlight some interesting points about its previous seasons & their casts. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

The release date of gogglebox 18 has now become a global question. Gogglebox season 18 has been released on the 17th of September. It was uploaded on the YouTube channel named Monkey Luffy Show. Its seventeenth season was uploaded at the starting of 2021. But due to the Covid pandemic, season 18 was released late. Season 18 of the Gogglebox commentary episode has been released on the 17th of September, Friday. After a wait of 4 months, Gogglebox 18 has been released. Now, Gogglebox 18’s first episode is going to release on 17th September. Episode 1 is available on Channel 4. The timing is 9:00 pm. Have a look at the first episode of Gogglebox season 18:

Gogglebox- All about the show

Gogglebox is a popular television show in Britain. Its genre is reality. It is a popular reality television show. The show is from 2013. Its first episode was launched in 2013. Stephen Lambert & Tania Alexander is the creator of this how. Caroline Aherne & Craig Cash has also narrated this show. Caroline Aherne has narrated for 3 years, from 2013 to 2016. Craig is narrating from the 2013 toll today. It has a total of 271 episodes & 18 seasons. Its 18th Season is going on. The show has been nominated for many awards. Later, in this article, we will talk about its awards & nominations. It is available on YouTube. The production company is Studio Lambert.

Its concept is unique. They film the people who are sitting at their home & watching high-rated shows. The show should be on British television. They capture the moment of them after watching the high-rated show. They also caught every expression of the people. The concept of the show has made it on the top level.

One of the scenes of show

Gogglebox 18 Episode 2 Release Date

Gogglebox has been one of the popular reality reaction shows. It is so popular in the United Kingdom. Its season 18 is running on Channel 4. Episode 1 has been launched on 17th September. Likewise, people are wondering about its episode. They are continuously asking about episode 2. The second episode is going to launch on 25th September 2021. Yes, it is going to premiere on the last of September.

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Gogglebox- List of Awards

There is a huge list of nominations and awards. The show has won a total of 13 awards. The show has also been nominated for 19 awards. First of all, Gogglebox has won BAFTA TV Award in 2014. Then, it has won Broadcasting Press Guild Awards in 2014. It has also won National Television Award in 2015, the TV Choice Award in 2015, National Television Award in 2016, the TV Choice Award for Lifestyle Show in 2016 & Radio 1’s Teen Award for the TV show in 2016. The show has also won National Television Award for Factual Entertainment in 2017. Then Diversity in Media Awards for TV Programme of the Year in 2017.