“Go Little Rockstar” TikTok Trend Meaning Explained


“Go Little Rockstar” song composed by a Florida-based band has gained immense popularity in December 2021. The song has been doing rounds on Tiktok, the video-sharing app by millions of netizens. Videos featuring the song have generated 2.5 million views. However, this is not the first time SALES’ songs have.

Tiktok emerged as the most downloaded app on Christmas 2021, surpassing Google and all the social media platforms. Along with the dances, challenges and music videos, an incredibly wholesome trend has gone viral.

Misheard Lyrics Became A Megatrend On Tiktok

The song has been featured in a lot of inspirational and emotional videos. It is indeed refreshing to see such wholesome content in an era of numerous dance challenges taking the internet by storm.

From paying tribute to lost loved ones to watching one’s pet grow up, the videos featuring the song in indeed heart-warming. People have used this song to do amazing things or to celebrate their achievements. The viral song has been featured in videos sharing many sweet and wholesome stories.

To everyone’s surprise, the lyrics “Go Little Rockstar” have been misheard. Turns out, the original lyrics to the viral trend are “Pope is a rockstar”. Millions of people got the lyrics wrong.


little yaya would be stoked :’)

♬ Pope Is a Rockstar – Sales

Where Does The Tiktok Sound Come From?

SALES, the guitar-based indie-pop band wrote the viral “Go Little Rockstar” song. They are based in Orlando, Florida. Started by Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, the band has been the talk of the town for a better part of the decade. Tracks like ‘Renee’ and ‘Chinese New Year’ accumulated over a million views shortly after their release.

Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih have been friends for a very long time before starting their independent band. They have recorded songs together in the past. Morgan is the lead guitarist of the band and Shih is a programmer for sales. Renee was their first 7” single. On the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2014, they released their second single “Chinese New Year.”

@itsjovynn BAHAHAHAH #tiktokmalaysia #dj #mashup #sitiareyouready #merrychristmas #golittlerockstar ♬ pope is a rockstar x rockstar – jovynn

The band never expected to engage with Tiktok. Prior to Tiktok, their songs would stream on platforms like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify. They never even expected to engage with Instagram. Eventually, it became their biggest platform. “We’re really lucky that people actually put our music on TikTok because we never intended to,” Shih said in an earlier interview. “I never thought one of the lyrics in our song would be a trending hashtag.

“We’re an independent band,” Morgan tells the Daily Dot. “We worked our jobs and recorded these songs in our bedrooms. The songs are really special to us, but we never could have imagined them reaching so many people.”

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