Gabby Petito’s mother and father on Dr. Phil: Brian Laundrie ought to flip himself in


Gabby Petito’s mother and father are demanding Brian Laundrie flip himself in and demand he’s hiding someplace and dwelling off the land — as they slammed him for being a “coward” for refusing to talk to them about their daughter.

In an interview with Dr. Phil set to air in full Tuesday, the slain 22-year-old’s mother and father and stepparents stated Laundrie’s unwillingness to cooperate with authorities and his subsequent disappearance was “infuriating.”

Laundrie, the only particular person of curiosity in Petito’s case, is the topic of a large FBI hunt after he vanished simply days earlier than his girlfriend was discovered lifeless on Sept. 19 in Wyoming.

When requested in the event that they consider Laundrie is in hiding someplace, Petito’s mother and father had been adamant he was.

They stated they didn’t consider that Laundrie was so distraught about their daughter’s disappearance that he would have killed himself.  

“He’s a coward,” her father, Joe Petito, stated in a preview clip.

The exclusive interview with Gabby Petito's parents and stepparents is scheduled to air on October 5, 2021.
The unique interview with Gabby Petito’s mother and father and stepparents is scheduled to air on October 5, 2021.
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Her mother, Nichole Schmidt, added it was doable he was dwelling off the land someplace as a result of “I believe he bragged about that stuff, that he was good at that stuff.”

Asked if he had any phrases for Laundrie, Petito’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, stated: “Turn yourself in.”

He added: “You’re only making it worse. For us and for himself. Let us have some closure.”

Gabby Petito's mom, Nichole Schmidt, remains convinced that Brian Laundrie is still alive living off of the land.
Gabby Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, stays satisfied that Brian Laundrie remains to be alive, dwelling off the land.
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Petito’s mother and father additionally slammed Laundrie’s mother and father over their dealing with of their daughter’s case and their very own son’s disappearance.

They stated they repeatedly known as and texted Laundrie’s mother and father, Chris and Roberta, earlier than reporting their daughter lacking however acquired no response.

Petito’s mother and father stated they initially believed they had been each lacking — till police instructed them Laundrie had returned to Florida within the van they’d been touring in.

Brian Laundrie is the sole person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito. He is also the subject of a massive FBI-led manhunt.
Brian Laundrie is the only particular person of curiosity within the demise of Gabby Petito. He can be the topic of a large FBI-led manhunt.
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“One of the texts was ‘I’m going to call the police, so let me know.’ No response. A normal parent, when you text someone that they’re going to call the cops because you can’t find your child, they would reply,” Joe Petito stated.

“We thought they were both missing at that point in time when we were calling them.”

Schmidt added: “We didn’t know the van was in Florida after we contacted (them). I used to be fearful about each of them.

Gabby Petito's family is slated to appear on Dr. Phil to talk about her death. According to both families, Brian Laundrie's continued lack of cooperation is "infuriating."
Gabby Petito’s household is slated to look on Dr. Phil to speak about her demise. According to each households, Brian Laundrie’s continued lack of cooperation is “infuriating.”
Dr. Phil Show

“The night of the 11th when I reported her missing, a detective came to my door and let me know the van was in Florida.”

When requested if that’s when she knew it was unhealthy information, Schmidt responded: “Yes.”

“As a mom, I knew she was gone,” Schmidt stated in a single a part of the interview when speaking about Petito’s stays being discovered.

“We knew it was Gabby — even though we were hoping it wasn’t. It was the hardest thing I’ve listened to.”