French cops shoot rubber bullets at migrant boat headed to the UK


French police shot rubber bullets at migrants making an attempt to depart for the United Kingdom in a dinghy, in keeping with experiences, sending some to the hospital.

Eight Iranian Kurds have been carrying the 40-man vessel towards the ocean on Sept. 22, according to The Sun.

The confrontation came about at Dunkirk, website of the well-known World War II evacuation.

According to French police, the eight Iranian migrants were carrying a 40-person vessel across Dunkirk beach.
According to French police, the eight Iranian migrants have been carrying a 40-person vessel throughout Dunkirk seaside.
SAMEER AL-DOUMY/AFP through Getty Images

Two males have been injured — one with a damaged hand, the opposite with a fractured leg, according to the Daily Mail.

“We were getting ready to launch it for 40 people who wanted to cross to your country,” one Iranian Kurd, Mohammad, instructed the outlet.

“When the police saw us, they shouted, ‘Stop,’ we stopped and they still shot us. Then we ran away as best we could.”