Forum: Seniors could learn how to slow onset of dementia


I refer to the article, “153 million to have dementia by 2050: Study” (Jan 8). As a senior, the estimated increase in the number of dementia patients worries me.

Last week, I forgot the address of my house while I was on my routine walk, which made me confused and very anxious. Thankfully, this state lasted only a few minutes. I have now pasted my address at the back of my phone which I always carry with me.

It is heartening that companies are working on therapies to counter dementia.

In the meantime, besides controlling risk factors such as obesity, diabetes and smoking, seniors can seek out simple tips and engage in exercises to delay the onset or progression of dementia.

It would lessen the burden on caregivers and the Government in the long run.

Talwar Mohini

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