Forum: IC details needed for verification to protect data


We refer to Ms Cecilia Nathen’s letter, “Don’t ask for full IC number over the phone” (Jan 12).

Public sector agencies may request NRIC details to accurately identify an individual accessing government services.

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) asks for an individual’s NRIC number as part of identity verification, for certain queries made over the phone. The purpose is for data protection, to confirm that the caller is indeed who he says he is, before confidential information such as account details, grants and transaction details are shared over the phone.

In Ms Nathen’s case, as she had requested assistance with her SkillsFuture account which contains confidential information, her NRIC number was used to verify her identity.

We understand Ms Nathen’s concern and would like to assure her that personal data and call recordings are strictly confidential, and that SSG takes our responsibility as a custodian of individuals’ data seriously. As part of continuous improvement, we regularly review our identity verification process to be aligned to industry best practices.

Angelina Soh

Director, Integrated Business Services Division

SkillsFuture Singapore

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