Forum: Construction work will affect marine ecosystem within King’s Dock


King’s Dock at Keppel Bay was opened in 1913, and was the second largest dock in the world at the time.

It is now a haven for marine life. Besides corals such as cabbage corals, a vibrant aquatic community can be found within King’s Dock, including otters, butterflyfish, razorfish, filefish, seahorses, sea urchins and jellyfish.

I am disappointed that the authorities have approved the installation of six marine piles of about 1m in diameter that will be drilled deep into the base of the historic King’s Dock, as part of the development of a condominium.

The sounds and tremors from constant hammering of drill bits into the concrete base will cause irreparable damage to the rich marine ecosystem and teeming biodiversity within King’s Dock.

Lee Kim Puay

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