Fiona Donohoe Recent Tweets About Getting Arrested, Noah Donohoe Mum and Her Petition Request


Noah Donohoe’s mum Fiona Donohoe was arrested recently according to her recent tweets, she is raising her voice for her son Noah on her Twitter account. Follow the article till the end to learn more. 

Noah Donohoe was a 14-year-old boy from Belfast who went missing back in June 2020 and his dead body was found after six days of being reported missing in a flood drain naked. He left his home in south Belfast on his bicycle and never returned. 

Fiona Donohoe is demanding PSNI to release all the documents about the case of her dead son recently and appealing to the public to support her in her quest through her social media account. 

Let us learn more about Noah Donohoe’s mum Fiona Donohoe and take a closer look at her arrest and petition on Twitter. 

Fiona Donohoe Arrested Story Explored

Fiona Donohoe was arrested and placed in a holding cell for a night according to her Twitter. 

According to a series of tweets she has made on her Twitter account, she was arrested after she raised the concern about why her teen son did not receive any forensics examination when his dead body was found. 

She put forward her concern after seeing a drug dealer was forensically examined in front of her eyes. The situation might have accelerated between authorities and Fiona leading to her arrest. 

However, she was released from holding after spending a night in the cell. She claims PSNI released her after a night to avoid media coverage and attention at the moment. 

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has not released any statements about Fiona’s arrest yet. They have not given their side of the story on what led to the arrest of the grieving mother of Noah. 

Noah Donohoe Mum Fiona Donohoe Petition On Twitter

Noah Donohoe’s mum Fiona Donohoe has been sharing a petition on Twitter and requesting her followers to sign it. 

The petition is for releasing four key files in Noah’s case which has not been released by the police yet. They have stopped Fiona from obtaining those file from the very beginning of the case until now. 

In fact, the police have applied for Public Interest Immunity, and if the PII is granted, they will be able to hide the contents of the files and the files themself from the public. 

However, this kind of immunity is only applied if the cases are sensitive in nature and if police or paramilitary are involved but are very uncommon in a missing case of a child according to Change

With nearly 150k people already signed the petition on the Change website, it has become one of the most signed petitions on the Change website. 


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