Find answer to Wordle #264 on Thursday, March 10th here


Several new phrase video games equivalent to Heardle and Lewdle have been created after the success of Wordle. The brainteaser has turn out to be a favourite amongst gamers, who love flaunting their outcomes on Twitter.

Today, March 10, 2022, Wordle customers are broadly discussing the answer to Wordle #264 as many have claimed that they guessed it in only a few makes an attempt.

If you’re battling at present’s Wordle phrase of the day, allow us to let you know that it’s all about judgement – or the dearth of it for a quick second.

Wordle (New York Times)

Wordle #264 Answer – March 10th

The answer to at present’s Wordle is…


Lapse is a quick failure of focus or judgment. It additionally refers to an interval or passage of time.

Come again tomorrow for the subsequent Wordle answer.

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What is Wordle and the way do I play it?

Wordle is a five-letter phrase recreation that requires you to guess the suitable answer inside six makes an attempt.

The colours of the tiles point out if you happen to’re headed in the suitable path.

If a tile turns greens, it means you’ve guessed the suitable letter. Yellow means you’ve guessed the suitable letter however it’s positioned incorrectly. Meanwhile, a gray tile signifies that the letter you’ve guessed doesn’t exist within the phrase.

If you fail to crack the puzzle within the given variety of tries, you should have to wait till the subsequent day for a brand new phrase.

The viral recreation will be performed without cost on New York Times‘ web site.

What are Lewdle and Heardle?

If you’ve gotten too used to Wordle and need to attempt your hand at one thing else, think about taking part in Lewdle and Heardle.

Lewdle works in the very same method as Wordle. The gamers get six makes an attempt to guess a five-letter phrase, however the one twist here is that the phrases are impolite or lewd.

Meanwhile, in Heardle, you can be guessing music a number of seconds at a time.

You begin with a tiny snippet of a music and with every new clue, they turn out to be greater.

Your first couple of guesses will reveal one second of the music, which is able to steadily improve to an additional two, three, 4, and 5 seconds.

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