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Italy’s offensive flood swept through Turkey’s defense in various ways and previously destroyed the defensive wall who were the first to invent it in Catenaccio.

Italy defeated its rival Turkey 3-0 in the opening matches of Euro 2020 for the first group.

The match was held at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital, Rome.

The first group, next to Italy and Turkey, includes Wales and Switzerland, and they will meet on Saturday at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Merih Demiral opened the match goals by owning an own goal in the 53rd minute.

Ciro Immobile added the second goal of the Azzurri with a shot from inside the penalty area in the 66th minute.

Lorenzo Insigne completed the Azzurri hat-trick with a beautiful goal with a ball inside the penalty area in the 79th minute.

With this result, Italy topped the group early, after collecting its first three points in the tournament.

This became the first time in the history of Italy to win more than two goals in a match in its history in the Euro.

It is also the first time in the opening matches that a team has won by more than two goals.

This is in addition to the fact that Demiral, the defender of Turkey and Juventus, is the first player in history to score the first goal in the euro in reverse and the second in general in the opening matches after Antoin Onders of Czechoslovakia, in his own net against the Netherlands in the 1976 edition.

This came after a simple opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium and witnessed the presence of the Italian operatic artist Andrea Bocelli.

The opening ceremony, which lasted for several minutes, relied on fireworks, which lit the stadium and made it splendid.

The Italian national team relied on the formation in which it played its friendly match against the Czech Republic before the tournament.

The Turkish national team relied on the French club Lille, which won the league title last season.

Turkey withstands the flood of Italy

The match started with strong offensive pressure, possession and complete control of the ball from the Italian team, and a defensive retreat for Turkey.

In the third minute, the first threat came and Domenico Berardi sent a cross that Ciro Immobile turned into a header that hit the net from outside.

Insigne and Berardi exchanged the ball and the first curled a ball but it went wide.

Leonardo Bonucci hit a powerful ball that went outside the field, followed by another shot from Immobile that hit the hand of Turkey defender Shalar Sungio, but the referee did not award a penalty kick to the hosts.

In the 22nd minute, Jorginho sent a cross from a corner kick that Chiellini headed with a strong header, in front of which Organ Shakir, Turkey’s goalkeeper, brilliantly saved his country and turned it into a corner kick.

And Immobile hit a new ball with his head that went outside the field.

The first threat from Turkey came from a counterattack by Burak Yilmaz, but his cross was pushed away by Gianluigi Donnarumma before it reached Yusuf Yazici.

Insigne hit a ball from outside the penalty area, and it easily reached the Turkey goalkeeper.

The Italian team continued to dominate and the ball touched the hand of Zeke Celik, and the Azzurri players objected and demanded a penalty kick, but the referee did not award anything.

And then Yilmaz fell after an intervention from Chiellini, but the referee did not count anything as well.

Seconds later, the video technology confirmed the absence of a penalty kick for the Italian national team.

And the first half ended without any shot from Turkey against Italy.

The flood destroys the Turkish wall

With the beginning of the second half, the Turkish national team made a substitution, with the participation of Cengiz Onder, in place of Yusuf Yazic.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo participated in Italy instead of Alessandro Florenzi.

In the 51st minute, Chingiz Under launched a quick counter-attack, but his shot hit Chiellini’s foot and was blocked by Donnarumma.

Only two minutes passed, and in the 53rd minute, Berardi shot from the right and sent a powerful cross that hit the body of Merih Demiral to enter his own net by mistake and announce the first goal for Italy.

A minute later, the Italian team almost scored a second goal to kill the match, but Leonardo Spinazzola’s shot was saved by the Turkey goalkeeper and rebounded, but the ball went wide of the goal to end the danger of the Azzurri.

Locatelli fired a powerful shot in the 54th minute, but the Turkey goalkeeper turned it into a corner kick.

In the 64th minute, the Turkish national team made second substitutions, with the participation of Kai Ayhan and the exit of Ozan Tavan, and at the same time, Okay Yukslu came out and Irfan Kahveci participated in his place.

Just one minute later, Barilla sent a cross, which Spinazola met with a powerful shot that bounced off the Turkey goalkeeper, and Immobile followed it up with another shot into the net to announce the second goal of the Azzurri.

In the 74th minute, Cristante participated in the place of Locatelli in the second substitution of the Italian national team.

The Italian team continued its pressure, and the Turkey goalkeeper crossed the ball by mistake, and the Italian team passed the ball quickly until Insigne finished it with a wonderful shot with the sole of the foot in the net to announce the third goal of the Azzurri in the 79th minute.

A minute later, Federico Chiesa replaced Insigne, and Andrea Belotti replaced Immobile.

In the minute, Berardi came out in Italy’s fourth substitution, and Federico Bernardeschi took his place.

The Italian team remained in control of the match, circulating the ball a lot without a real threat to Turkey’s goal, after confirming the victory.

The referee awarded three minutes of added time, in which nothing happened, to end the match with a triple victory for Italy and a great start for the Azzurri for the Euro.

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