FilGoal | News | Basketball ended – Zamalek (73) (71) Al-Jazira .. Al-Abyad won provides live and direct coverage of the match between Zamalek and Al Jazira in the second semi-final match of the Super League in Borg El Arab.

Zamalek beat Al-Jazira 85-83 in the first meeting.

The match starts at 8:30 pm.


The match ended with a victory for Zamalek 73-71

S0:15 is a double from Walter Hodge. Zamalek 73-71 Gezira

Q0:34 Justice scores two free throws for Al Jazeera. Draw 71-71 between the two teams

Q0:51 Ramy Hegazy scores a free throw and wastes the other for Zamalek

Q1:20 Anas Osama wastes two free throws

S 1:30 Assem Al-Jundi scores a hat-trick for Al-Jazira, reducing the difference to a point.

S 2:32 Double for Hodge and an extra free throw. Zamalek 70-66 Gezira

Q4:19 Ahmed Ismail scores a double and wastes the extra free throw. 67-66 for Zamalek

Q4:43 Trilogy from Hodge. Zamalek advances 67-64

The match ends in a tie and extra time is required

Q0:05 Islam Salem scores a double and draws for Zamalek 64-64

S0:16 Justice misses a free throw and scores the other

Q0:17 Anas Osama wastes two free throws

Q 0:49 Hodge scores two free throws for Zamalek. The score is 62-63 for the island

Q0:50 False Walter Hodge

Q: 2:08 Zamalek 60-63 Gezira

S 2:10 Hodge breaks through, scores a double and gets an extra free throw

Q2:18 Justice scores a hat-trick for the island

S 2:44 Zamalek 57-60 Gezira

Q3:18: Justice scores a double for Al Jazira. The score is 57-59 for the island

S4:00 Triple to the island

Q4:09: Islam Salem wastes a very easy duo

Q 4:18 Hodge passes to Anas Osama and advances to Zamalek 57-55

Q6:59 Zamalek 55-53 Gezira

S9:36 Justice scores two points for Al Jazeera

Beginning of the fourth period

end of the third period

Q0:49 Walter Hodge scores a hat-trick to advance Zamalek.

Q 1:43 Muhammad Giza scores two points for Al Jazeera.

S 3:30 Ahmed Yasser records a triple for Zamalek.

Q 4:12 Anas Osama passes to Ahmed Yasser to score two points. 44-49 for the island

S 4:30 Zamalek 42-49 Gezira

Q4:40 Mustafa Shoout wastes a free throw and scores the other for the island

S 8:00 Trilogy from Islam Salem to Zamalek

The beginning of the third period

At the end of the second period, Al-Jazira advanced with a score of 33-36

S0:01 Mustafa Kejo scores a double and reduces the difference to 3 points

Q1:08 Ahmed Hatem scores a hat-trick for Zamalek and reduces the difference to 6 points

S 1:20 Justice dribbles and passes in a superb way to Ahmed Sami and scores for Al Jazira to make the score 27-36

S 2:20 Ramy Hegazy scores two points for Zamalek, and the result becomes 27-32 for Al Jazeera

S 3:30 Triple by Rumaih Sameh, Al-Jazira player. The score is 23-32 for the island

S 3:56 Mohab Yasser, player of Zamalek, scores two points and gets a free throw. The result is 23-29 for the island

5:27 Walter Hodge scores 3 free throws and reduces the difference to 21-27 for the island

S6:59 Great hat-trick from Walter Hodge and the score is 18-23

Q7:40 Zamalek 15-23 Gezira

S8:54 Mostafa Shoout scores two points and gets an additional free throw

Beginning of the second period

The end of the first period with the advance of the island 15-20

S 0:34 Three for Zamalek from Karim Dahshan, and the result becomes 15-20 for Al Jazeera

Q0:54 Rumaih Sameh scores a double again for Al Jazira in a wonderful way بطريقة

Q 2:18 Islam Salem scores a hat-trick for Zamalek, and the result becomes 12-18 for Al Jazeera

Q 2:40 Rumaih Sameh scores two points for Al Jazeera.

S 3:34 Justice, with great skill, scores two points, and Al Jazira leads 9-16

S 4:37 Zamalek 9-12 Gezira

S5:13 Ahmed Ismail scores a free throw after Justice scored two points to lead Al Jazira 7-10

S 6:32 A trio for Al Jazira from James Justice and 7-3 for Zamalek

Q6:50 Anas Osama scores two points after a superb pass from Walter Hodge, and Zamalek leads 7-0

Q7:54 An objection from Anas Osama to the player Al-Jazira

Q8:04 A hat-trick from Mohab Yasser and Zamalek leads 5-0

Q8:58 Ali Hegazy scores a double for Zamalek

start of the match

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