Fans Are Wondering If Fishbowl Wives Actress Ren Hanami Have A Husband- Her Family Details To Know


Ren Hanami is an American actress known for her versatile acting in many shows, including the Netflix production Fishbowl Wives. 

Ren Hanami is an American artist of Japanese heritage, who started her career as a voice artist and is one of the most known celebrities today. She is known for her roles in productions like Silicon Valley, This is Us, and also Netflix show Fishbowl Wives. 

A multitalented individual, she is also an actress, writer, director, and singer who has been in the industry for over thirty years. In her three-decades-long career, she has featured on over fifty productions in large and small roles. 

Also known as the Asian and Hawaiian Diane Lane, she was inducted into the Asian Hall of Fame in 2021. 

Who Is Ren Hanami Husband? 

Ren Hanami’s relationship status is unknown and her husband has not come into public scrutiny so far.

The Fishbowl Wives actress, who portrays one of the 6 women stuck in an unhappy marriage onscreen, has not revealed anything about her marital status yet. 

Many of her fans have speculated if the 60-year-old is still single or if she has managed to keep her love life away from media and netizens. 

Actress Ren Hanami Family: Learn About The Fishbowl Wives Star

Fishbowl wives actress Ren Hanami belongs to a Japanese-Scottish American family lineage. 

She was born to her parents Hawaii based mother Alice Akimi Nakano of Japanese descent and Massachusetts-based father James Arthur Hanna who hails from Scotland. Originally, she was named Linda Maureen Hanna by them. 

Her father is a part of Clan Hannay in the southwest of Scotland and owns a 15th-century fortress called Sorboe tower. The actress has inherited that castle after her dad passed. 

Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, she was exposed to a melting pot of cultures that shaped her worldview to be broader. She credits her parents’ open-minded upbringing to be the reason why she was able to achieve her dreams. 

The artist has family from Hawaii to Maine but completed her education on Bachelor of Arts in Theater from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

The proudest moment for the Hanami family was when the actress was inducted into the 2021 Asian Hall of Fame. 

Actress Ren Hanami Net Worth Explored

Actress Ren Hanami is estimated to have a net worth of over 1 million dollars. 

From her decades’ long career, she has gained a sizeable income and is considered a high-value actress. As she has shown no signs of stopping in her artistic journey, she is expected to grow further. 

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