Fans Are Wondering If Austrian Gold Medalist Snowboarder Anna Gasser Have A Boyfriend Or Partner- Let Us Explore


Godmedalist Anna Gasser is dating Clemens Millauer. Her boyfriend is also a professional snowboarder. Learn more about them below.

Anna Gasser is the snowboarder who has recently won a gold Women’s big air. She is the sixteenth person to win a medal for Austria in Beijing 2022.

The Oe24 newspaper says, Anna Gasser jumped to her second Olympic gold with a Cab Double Cork 1260. She came out on top with 185.50 points.

Gasser had previously become the winner of the 2017 Big Air of Snowboard Championships. She also has gold in the 2017 X Games in the slopestyle.

Likewise, bronze and silver were successively achieved in Hafjell and Aspen respectively. Continue to know more about the snowboarder.

Does Anna Gasser Have A Boyfriend?

Anna Gasser has been supported by his boyfriend Clemens Millauer throughout the tournament.

Her boyfriend is also a professional snowboarder and Red Bull athlete. In fact, he is also seeking a medal in the Beijing Olympics 2022.

Millauer had also competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics before.

When asked about their relationship, Gasser told “Very well and harmoniously. Family planning is not an issue yet”.

“My friend Clemens has already become three-quarters Carinthian and naturalized,” said Gasser in an interview with the “Woche”.

The snowboarder has not shared much about her love life on her Instagram. Although, she entertains her fans by sharing snowboarding pictures.

Gasser goes by the handle @annagassersnow and she has around 484 thousand followers at present.

Know Austrian Gold Medalist Anna Gasser’s Proud Family

Anna Gasser is the daughter of proud parents;  Peter Gasser (father) and Liesbeth Gasser (mother).

Sources claim that her parents were originally doubtful of their daughter’s plans, eventually changed their minds.

However, they were astounded to see her perform as an international athlete. Soon, in 2013, she became the first woman to land a Cab Double 900.

Gasser also has a sister in her family, whose name is Eva Gasser. Her sister is a ballet dancer and also a snowboarder.

Snowboarder Anna Gasser Net Worth Explored

Anna Gasser’s net worth is expected to be above $3 million in 2022. Not to forget that she is the 4 times gold medalist.

The former member of the Australian National Gymnastics Team has been in the snowboarding games for 12 years now.

She is much more popular in her homeland after becoming the first girl to complete the Cab Double Cork 900 kick and triple under flip.

Gasser happens to be at the age of 31 years in 2022. She will be earning even more in the coming days.

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