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Famous Birthdays 17th January

People search for the famous birthdays on the 17th January. Here is more information given about the famous birthdays 17th January. Get to know about famous birthdays 17th January in the information given below without skipping the information given your search. The detailed information given in this website about the famous birthdays of 17th January. There are more famous celebrities whose birthday is on 17th January. Continue reading the given information to know about January 17 famous birthdays in Tamil nadu.

January 17 Famous Birthdays In Tamil Nadu


Birthday Celebrity Name

Birth Date

Birthday celebrity Profession

1RenukaJanuary 17, 1948Indian actress2Balaji SampathJanuary 17, 1973Indian educationist, social activist

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January 17 Famous Birthdays In India


Birthday Celebrity Name

Birth Date

Birthday celebrity Profession

1Eveline PetersonJanuary 17, 1877badminton player2Babu GulabraiJanuary 17, 1888Indian politician3D. R. KaprekarJanuary 17, 1905Indian mathematician4Shakuntala ParanjpyeJanuary 17, 1906Indian actress5L. V. PrasadJanuary 17, 1908Indian actor, director, producer6Prem MathurJanuary 17, 1910Indian aviator7Yadavindra SinghJanuary 17, 1913Indian cricketer8M. G. RamachandranJanuary 17, 1917Indian film actor, director, producer, politician9Russi ModyJanuary 17, 1918Indian businessman10Kamal AmrohiJanuary 17, 1918Indian Director11T. A. PaiJanuary 17, 1922Indian banker12Rangeya RaghavJanuary 17, 1923Indian writer13Anita GuhaJanuary 17, 1939Indian actress14Umashanker SinghJanuary 17, 1940Indian politician15Heisnam KanhailalJanuary 17, 1941Indian theatre director16Javed AkhtarJanuary 17, 1945Urdu author17Kuzhikalail M. AbrahamJanuary 17, 1945Indian chemical engineer18Promothes MukherjeeJanuary 17, 1946Indian politician19Nirupama MankadJanuary 17, 1947Indian tennis player20RenukaJanuary 17, 1948Indian actress21Palliyara SreedharanJanuary 17, 1950Indian writer22Honey IraniJanuary 17, 1950Indian actress and screenwriter23Santu MukhopadhyayJanuary 17, 1951Indian actor24BinduJanuary 17, 1951Indian actress25G. M. NairJanuary 17, 1952Indian general26ChandramathiJanuary 17, 1954Indian bilingual writer27Malay BanerjeeJanuary 17, 1955cricketer28Baboo Lal VermaJanuary 17, 1955Indian politician29Tushar GandhiJanuary 17, 1960great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and the son of journalist Arun Manilal Gandhi30Karan KapoorJanuary 17, 1962Indian actor31Manabendra AdhikaryJanuary 17, 1963Indian film producer32Sudesh SharmaJanuary 17, 1965Indian politician33M. G. SasiJanuary 17, 1967Indian film director34Shailaja KumarJanuary 17, 1967Indian female Alpine Skier35Rajendra PrasadJanuary 17, 1968Indian boxer36Shrikant NarayanJanuary 17, 1968Indian singer37Nitesh PandeyJanuary 17, 1973Indian actor38Indraadip DasguptaJanuary 17, 1973Indian composer39Nagasubramanian ChokkanathanJanuary 17, 1977Indian writer40Kunal LalJanuary 17, 1984Indian cricketer41Rasika DugalJanuary 17, 1985Indian actress42Pratiksha JadhavJanuary 17, 1987Indian actor43Pallavkumar DasJanuary 17, 1990Indian cricketer44Tapasvi MehtaJanuary 17, 1993Indian actor45Deepak SumanthJanuary 17, 1994Indian Footballer46Natasha PalhaJanuary 17, 1994Indian tennis player47Disha PandeyJanuary 17, 1994Indian actress48Sanjeev StalinJanuary 17, Indian football player

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