Execution of two Syrians who killed their colleague in Obour City

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The Benha Criminal Court, the Fifth Circuit, sentenced Z. a. A, 42 years old, and N. M.M., 44 years old, two Syrian nationals, accused of killing their colleague “M. B. A» 59 years old, Syrian, deliberately and premeditated in Obour City.

The ruling was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Mahmoud Al-Bariri, the head of the court, and the membership of the advisors: Saleh Muhammad Salih Omar, Muhammad Subhi Ibrahim, Ahmed Muhammad Al-Saeed Ghoneimi, and the secretariat of Muhammad Tayel and Ali Al-Qalshi.

The court said in the merits of its ruling that the defendants had the intention and resolved to get rid of the victim and prepared for that a “rope” and stalked him in his whereabouts and lured him with them in the car of one of them under the pretext of a ride to his place of residence. He breathed while the second accused was driving the car and caused the injuries described in the anatomical character, which claimed his life as indicated in the investigations.

The court added in the ruling’s merits that the defendants forcibly raped the victim’s fingerprint on bonds that consisted of “two primary sales contracts for a housing unit” and stole a sum of money that was with the victim, then dumped his body in an empty land on the road.

Major General Fakhr El-Araby, Director of Qalyubia Security, had received a notification from the Obour Police Department’s warden, stating that he had received a report that the body of an “Arab national,” 59 years old, had been found dumped in a plot of land at the entrance to Obour City, with separate abrasions and traces of redness around the neck.

Major General Hatem Haddad, Director of Qalyubia Investigations, and Brigadier General Khaled Al-Mohammadi, Head of Investigations of the Directorate, and investigations led to the identification of the perpetrators of the incident, namely “Z. a. A, 42 years old, and N. M.S.» 44 years old, two drivers

After obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution, they were arrested and it was found that they had two Syrian passports. When confronted with them, they confessed that they had committed the incident, and admitted that given their knowledge of the victim’s ownership of an apartment, they resolved to get rid of him for the purpose of seizing the apartment.

The two defendants confessed that they went to the place where the victim was located in front of the transit center and took him in the car of my angel “the king of the first defendant” claiming to deliver him to his home and near the new city of Obour, they threatened and forced him to sign two contracts to sell his flat in blank and seized from him 400 pounds and his mobile phone, after which the second defendant By wrapping a rope around his neck, he took his life and disposed of his body by throwing it to the place where it was found. The car used to commit the incident was seized, as were the two contracts for selling the apartment.

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