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‘Evil’ rooster terrorizes Queens neighborhood, attacking residents

An “evil,” blood-thirsty rooster is terrorizing a Queens neighborhood — alongside along with his cock-y crew, in accordance with the newest sufferer to run “a-fowl” of the belligerent chicken this week.

Leon Suseran, 30, informed The Post on Friday that he had simply left his dwelling on 169th Street in Jamaica to catch a bus to work Thursday morning when he all of a sudden “felt a peck on the back” of his left hand.

“When I turned around, I saw blood was gushing out,” he mentioned.

“This rooster kept charging at me … It was almost as if it was evil, so evil,” Suseran mentioned, including that he thought the vicious fowl could have been educated to battle.

“I had to deal with two things — the charging rooster and the gushing blood. I was trying to apply pressure, but at the same time this animal kept coming at me,” he mentioned.

“I had to keep kicking it off,” however the riled-up rooster “did not let up.”

A rooster has terrorized a Queens neighborhood.
A rooster has terrorized a Queens neighborhood.
Leon Suseran

“So I made a run for it … and then I called 911,” mentioned Suseran, who additionally went to an urgent-care clinic for a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

The NYPD confirmed that officers had been referred to as to the scene round 9 a.m. Thursday, and Suseran filmed the cops plucking up his crowing attacker and one other rooster who’d been roaming the streets alongside it. Still, neither of the roosters had been taken away as jailbirds.

The roosters and not less than one hen have been ruffling feathers within the neighborhood for years, Suseran and different locals complained.

“It is a little offbeat. But there is a serious issue there,” Suseran mentioned.

Rooster attack
The rooster was finally corralled by the police.
Leon Suseran

“We’ve seen them roaming around for years now, in the street and other people’s yards,” he mentioned, saying that one in all his neighbors was bitten on the ankle by one of many birds in June.

“What if it was a 70-year-old person or a shorter person, or what if it was a child” who was attacked, Suseran mentioned.

“There are people who can’t defend themselves like I did. What if it went for someone’s eyes?”

Another neighbor, Kahza Mainuddin, 25, mentioned she’d been “chased” by the rogue rooster — who additionally “scratched” one other girl “up and down the legs.

“One of the roosters is good. He doesn’t bother anybody. But the other one, any time you walk by, he just attacks. He starts biting people,” Mainuddin mentioned.

Rooster attack
Suseran obtained a tetanus shot and antibiotics after the rooster assault.
Leon Suseran

Another neighbor, who solely gave the identify Selwyn, mentioned one of many birds as soon as attacked his mother-in-law, “leaping on her again and pecking at her.

“They’re evil. They’ve got a mind of their own,” Selwyn mentioned. “They’re notorious, man … They do whatever they want.”

City health codes show that roosters are prohibited as “pets.”

But the flock’s proprietor, Miguel Contreros, 48, insisted to The Post that his feathery associates are beloved within the neighborhood — and even cuddle up and sleep along with his daughter.

“He never attacks … I don’t know what happened,” Contreros mentioned of the rogue rooster — who adopted a Post reporter on the street after slipping by way of bars in his proprietor’s entrance gate.

“The kids come and take pictures of them … they love the chickens,” he insisted.

The metropolis’s Department of Health confirmed {that a} criticism was filed Thursday however mentioned it was the one one on file for the deal with.

“We will be sending out an inspector to investigate,” a rep mentioned.

Suseran, in the meantime, mentioned he’s compelled to “keep vigilant” — with the scary flock nonetheless in his path on his morning commute Friday.

“The roosters were all around. … They were just walking around loose,” he complained.

Additional reporting by Amanda Woods