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The Nelk Boys are creating their very own NFT by bringing the Full Send brand into it.

NFT has been gaining attention for quite some time with several people joining in and making a purchase. With this in mind, it does not come as a surprise that the Nelk Boys have decided to become a part of it.

With several people waiting in line to know more about the NFT, the discord has already gained thousands of followers.

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What we know about Nelk Boys’ Full Send NFT

On January 17, the Nelk Boys confirmed they were going to launch their own NFT. They made this announcement on their social media platforms.

Calling it ‘Full Send NFT,’ the influencers have launched a Discord to reveal more about their upcoming project. At the moment, more than 181k people have joined the discord community.

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While the Nelk Boys have not revealed a lot about their upcoming NFT, they have assured the fans that it is going to hold real-world value and would not be pictures of animals.

Kyle Forgeard said in the video, “We’ve been working on it for months. It’s not stupid animals. … This is like a real thing. I think we’re really about to change the entire NFT space.”

For those who are interested, you can join the discord by clicking here.

Full Send brand explored

Full Send is a brand that has been created by the Nelk Boys. The website has exclusive merch, content, and giveaways.

Some of their merch includes hoodies, T-shirts, games, and others. As per Dexerto, the content channel has been making around $70 million a year from their merch website.

At the moment, the Nelk Boys are not earning anything from YouTube as they decided to demonetize their channel. While they continue to post content there, most of their revenue comes through sales and other collaborations.

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What are people saying about the NFT?

Fans of the Nelk Boys are looking forward to seeing what the team has in store. Several people are already waiting for an official announcement to release on the Discord channel.

Meanwhile, there are others who have been expressing their thoughts on social media. Some of them can be seen below:

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Wth @nelkboys are launching an NFT set? Mass adoption is coming. Excited to see how this turns out

— BentoBoi (@BentoBoiNFT) January 18, 2022

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despite what the actual NFT is that the @nelkboys create, they bring a massive following with them into the NFT space with them which is awesome. You are still not too late👏👏

— wally.eth (@Wallyeth) January 18, 2022

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