Where Is Dave Graham Big Brother Now?

Dave Graham from Big Brother Australia 6 has made a great life and career for himself after the show. 

He is now an international dog trainer and forged a career as a public speaker for himself. He is seen touring his home country as well as internationally and people love to hear what Farmer Dave has to say. 

During the pandemic when all of his live shows and tours got canceled, Graham decided to devote his time to RuffTrack, a program for teenagers who are “falling between the gaps” in the school system. Each adolescent is matched with a young puppy at the start of the program to assist them to learn responsibility.

All in all, Dave believes he made the right choice by coming out to the reality show in front of the public which has made him very much happy in his life as of now. 

What Is Dave Graham Age?

Dave Graham’s actual age is 42 years old as of 2022, he was born in the year 1979. 

However, the former Big Brother housemate’s actual date of birth remains undisclosed on the internet as of now. 

Due to the lack of information about his actual date of birth, his zodiac sign is also missing, and making predictions about his personality based on his zodiac sign is also not possible at the moment. 

Who Is Dave Graham Wife In 2022?

Dave Graham does not have a wife as of 2022. 

Most probably, Graham is also not in a relationship at the moment as he has not shared anything about his romantic life yet. 

However, he is a father to three daughters. He is a donor father. He fathered two children for a lesbian couple and one for a single friend by donating his sperms according to Mama Mia. He also wants to have kids with his own partner one day. 

What Is Dave Graham Net Worth?

Dave Graham’s net worth could be around $1 million as of 2022. 

He has not spoken anything about his actual net worth on the web or to the general public as of now. 

However, we are currently trying to verify his actual net worth as you read this article. 

Similarly, we can suspect his major source of income as his career as a reality television star.