‘Every Time I Die’ Band Split Reason Explained: After After Decades Together


The disbandment of the American metalcore band ‘Every Time I Die’ took the Internet by storm. The band members released a joint statement of the same. Another shocker following the news was that the joint statement did not include the lead-vocalist Keith Buckley.

caring for my own mental health has taken priority over EVERYTHING else in my life. the Love it has brought to everything I do has been clear to everyone that has seen me and I value my progress way too much to allow a setback. I am taking a hiatus from ETID to prepare for TTS

— keith buckley (@deathoftheparty) December 3, 2021

Why did ‘Every Time I Die’ Split?

The members of the band excluding Keith Buckley took to social media to release a joint statement regarding the same. Several social media posts preceding the joint statement suggested a rift in communication between Keith Buckley and the rest of the band. The other members of the band being- Jordan Buckley, Andy Williams, Stephen Micciche and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak.

💔 pic.twitter.com/rn79jTrNPP

— jordan buckley (@JordanETID) January 17, 2022

In early December, three remaining shows as a part of their US fall tour were canceled. According to the band, Keith had taken time off from the band to focus on his mental health. Following this announcement, Keith took to Twitter saying the band was looking for an opportunity to replace him. All this while he thought they were his biggest supporters. He overheard his brother Jordan talking to an outsider about replacing him. The band came together for the December 11th show despite their differences. However, the rift seemed to continue thereafter.


— keith buckley (@deathoftheparty) January 18, 2022

In their joint statement, the band members mentioned no direct communication with Keith. They further mentioned that Keith has cut all communications with them. Following the statement, Keith took to Twitter to share a letter dated December 20, 2021, to the law firm Savur Law. The contents of the letter highlight that the members of the band maintained the company “in connection with a separation agreement”.

Every Time I Die- The Band

Formed in Buffalo, New York in 1998, Every Time I Die is an American metalcore and hardcore band. They rose to fame owing to their intense and energetic live performances. For the first ten years, they performed under the banner of Ferret Music. In 2008, they signed with Epitaph Records and stayed with them until now.

The show on December 11, 2021, happens to be their last show.

The news was a big blow for all the fans of Every Time I Die. They all flooded Twitter with messages and reactions as soon as the band released the joint statement. The Twitter and Instagram handle of the band has been down ever since the news broke out.

Bands split all the time, but man does it absolutely suck that Every Time I Die are done. 20+ years of being a favorite, just released a banger of an album, now this. Leaving a hole in the metal community @deathoftheparty

— Derek Raby (@draby06) January 18, 2022

I was lucky enough to see Every Time I Die live once as a support act, I promised myself I’d see them headline a show. No other band was so good for so long! pic.twitter.com/xV83PW2yWR

— Scott King (@scottdotking) January 18, 2022

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