European Championship – 2021, Mostovs have a coronavirus in the Russian national team – what will happen to the team?

The Russian national team has a coronavirus! Can it really be removed from the Euro now?

In the Russian national team coronavirus

We answer the main questions of the day.

The Russian national team continues to suffer losses before Euro 2020 starting today. Following the defender Fedor Kudryashov, who trains individually due to injury, another footballer left the clip – Andrej Mostovoj… This is due to the coronavirus that Andrei was diagnosed with for the second time. In the national team, Mostovoy’s test result was called unfavorable. Earlier our colleagues at RB Sport reported that Mostovoy had passed two tests – and both showed a positive result.

The midfielder’s illness has raised many new questions: who will play in his place, will Andrew certainly miss the Euro, what will happen if someone else falls ill, and will the Russian national team be punished for infecting his footballer? We answer the main questions.

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Who will play instead of Mostov?

It is officially known that instead of Andrey, a defender has been called up to the national team Roman Evgenjev… He has to get to the team’s place today. Evgeniev is one of the players who passed the training ground with the team in Austria. Initially he did not enter the final candidacy for the euro (he was not called even after he was damaged by Fedor Kudryashov), but the coronavirus at Mostovoy nevertheless gives Evgeniev a chance to play at euro.

Will Mostovoy miss the Euro for sure? What if he takes a negative test tomorrow?

Mostovoy has no chance of playing euro, even if it turns out tomorrow that a mistake has been made and Andrej is healthy. According to the regulations, the national team could replace him in the nomination, as the player received a positive test before the first match. Mostovoy left the candidacy, Evgeniev was included in it – it is impossible to return.

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What happens if someone else gets sick and will our team be punished?

Players can be substituted only in the application before the first match. Furthermore, if one of us falls ill, he will first be isolated, and after the second positive test, he will be excluded from the candidacy. No one will punish the remaining players – according to the rules, only an infected player is isolated. According to the protocol, a team is considered ready to enter the field if it has 13 healthy players.

The Russian national team will play its first match in the tournament tomorrow – the meeting with Belgium will take place in St. Petersburg in the stadium of the same name. The start is at 22:00 Moscow time.

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