Esso brings regular petrol price below $3


SINGAPORE – Regular petrol costs have fallen again below the $3 mark, with American oil main Esso beginning the ball rolling on Thursday morning (March 17).

On the again of sliding crude oil costs, Esso lowered its gasoline costs by 10 cents throughout the board. Its 92-octane petrol is now $2.95 a litre, 95-octane $2.99 and 98-octane $3.46.

This is the primary time in every week that petrol costs have fallen below the $3 mark.

By late afternoon, each Shell and Caltex had lower petrol costs by 10 cents a litre and diesel costs by 15 cents a litre to match Esso’s charges. The two remaining Chinese corporations – SPC and Sinopec – have stayed put as of 6pm.

The benchmark Brent crude is now below US$100 a barrel for 2 days in a row, though commerce observers reckon this may occasionally simply be a blip, and that the commodity is not going to transfer removed from the US$100 mark for the close to time period.

After low cost, Caltex remains to be the most cost effective in petrol, with its 92-octane at $2.39 (with OCBC Voyage card).

For the favored 95-octane, Caltex additionally has the bottom price of $2.42 (with OCBC Voyage card). This is matched by Sinopec, which has solely three stations.

For 98-octane, which is critical just for a minority of vehicles right here, Esso’s greatest price of $2.84 trails Sinopec’s $2.80 by 4 cents however is 29 cents below the priciest supply – Shell’s $3.13 (with UOB One card).

Caltex additionally has the bottom diesel price of $2.18 (with OCBC Voyage card), whereas Sinopec has the bottom price of $2.88 for the so-called premium petrol.

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