Eggs in the refrigerator door and without a box.. A mistake we make and a sudden danger

If you are the one who puts eggs in a door FridgeLike millions of people around the world, you might want to think again, because although there are special compartments for eggs in most refrigerators, it’s not the place to be.

The refrigerator door is not at all convenient because it is the part that is most vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, according to the British Goodhousepeeing website.

Eggs are best when stored at a constant temperature, so it is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator on the middle shelf.

According to health experts, the refrigerator door becomes a suitable environment for the growth and reproduction of bacteria on eggs, penetrating the outer shell through the pores and reaching the inside of the egg. The most famous of these bacteria is salmonella, which grows on meat, fish and poultry, as well as raw eggs, which poses a health risk.

These bacteria also lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, fever, pain and abdominal cramping, and most people with these symptoms improve at home within 4 to 7 days.

What about the supermarket?

As for the supermarket, where eggs are often stored outside the refrigerator, the explanation is simple according to the location, as the reason is that storage temperatures are stable below 20 degrees Celsius in the halls of supermarkets, so refrigeration is not necessary.

In addition, the British “Egg Information Service” recommends storing it in its own container, so that it does not absorb any odors from surrounding foods with strong flavors or odors, especially since the eggshell is porous.

Eggs in the fridge (iStock)

It is noted that although the refrigerator door is an ideal space for storing milk for example, it is also not recommended to store it there, as temperature fluctuations can spoil it.

Instead of storing eggs or milk in the fridge door, you can store foods that contain natural preservatives, such as spices, jams and juice!

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