Who Is Rachael Patterson Collins? Meet Dyson Heydon Accuser

Rachael Patterson Collins, aka the Dyson Heydon accuser, is a former lawyer.

She had intended to become a barrister and was hopeful of her dream career by working under the former Justice Heydon.

Sadly, she left the law field after facing workplace sexual harassment from the reputed barrister.

Ms. Collins was repeatedly called beautiful by Mr. Heydon during work hours.

The incidents hit the limit when Justice Heydon had allegedly tried to kiss Ms. Collins.

Such repeated misdemeanors in her dream career prompted her to abandon her job and seek help from the law.

Rachael Patterson Collins Age Revealed

Rachael Patterson Collins’ age falls around her 30s by scanning through her pictures.

However, any complete insights into her birth date are not accessible at the moment.

She has maintained her distance from the media regarding her personal life.

On the other hand, Ms. Collins is open about the mistreatment that she faced.

Rachael Patterson Collins Husband: Is She Married?

As mentioned above, any insiders into Rachael Patterson Collins’ personal life, including her married life or her husband’s identity, are not approachable.

Given the intensity of the case, any personal life information and the people associated with it of the Dyson Heydon accusers are away at the bay.

Rachael Patterson Collins Settlement

Rachael Patterson Collins and Chelsea Tabart, and Alex Eggerking have settled with Commonwealth.

The trio had accused both Commonwealth and Heydon, and as of a report by Dail Mail UK, they have received a whopping six-figure worth of settlement payment.

However, the full information on the payment and the whole settlement has been signed under private closure.

Rachael Patterson Collins Net Worth Details

The complete information on Rachael Patterson Collins’ net worth figures is not on display.

She has yet to share her new career path after leaving the law field.