Dug Infinite & Kanye West Drama Is One Of The Major Reveals In Jeen-Yuhs, What Exactly Happened?


Dug Infinite and Kanye West rap diss track and drama have been circulating all over the internet after Jeen-Yuhs’s new release. Find more about the rappers.

Dug Infinite also indexed as Dug Inf has been a solid figure and a true generational icon in the rap genre.

Dug Infinite has been revered by all the fanbase and his true supporters for his unique expression of real hip-hop culture, more specifically the Chicago blend.

Dug and Kanye’s history goes all the way back to the years when Kanye was struggling as a music producer.

Dug Inf. has been known to mentor Kanye West in his early days and teach him how to rhyme and rap in beats and created good prods.

Dug’s influence on Kanye has been so solid and so great that he relatively did better than his inspiration in terms of popularity and has now established himself as a robust rapper in the Hip-Hop culture and plethora.

The new Jeen-Yuhs documentary release had the diss track on the first part which has been trending all over the internet and be the talk of all media.

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Details On Dug Infinite & Kanye West Drama

Dug Infinite is a true definition of rap culture and he is based in the San Francisco region.

His affiliation with Dug Infinite and Highpower Studios has been for nearly a decade and he earns a lot from the music creation, production, and mixing services the studio provides.

Kanye’s history with Dug Infinite has been surfed thoroughly in the latest release of his documentary ‘Jeen-Yuhs’.

The two met when Kanye was still settling himself as the new label in music production and rapping.

Dug taught and mentored Kanye under his wing and taught him the rhythmic beats and creation.

Kanye and rapper Dug Infinite have been marked into the internet sensation after the documentary revealed the diss track the Dug imposed for Kanye.

Kanye’s shocked response to the diss track and his passivity showcased how embarrassed he felt to receive a diss from the icon he learned from.

Jeen-Yuhs Reveals The Diss Track The Rapper Made on The Singer

Jeen-Yuhs documentary on Kanye West released a look at rapper Dug Infinite’s original diss track on Kanye.

People are defending Kanye by stating that he has already established himself as a sold figure in the rap industry and that Dug still lags behind Kanye in terms of popularity and fandom.

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Details On Dug Infinite Revealed- Net Worth And Wikipedia Surfed

Dug Infinite has not been indexed on the official Wikipedia bio page.

He flaunts a massive net worth of $10.5 million as of 2022.

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