Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Shows New Look at the Grey Wardens

BioWare is currently all hands on deck on the next entry in the Dragon Age franchise, a game that needs to hit big. The developer has hit a rough patch with releases like Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda over the past generation and all hopes are on the new fantasy RPG to break the developer out of their funk. In 2021, one way to ensure appeal to fans is nostalgic callbacks, which is why it makes all the sense in the world that the Grey Wardens would return for Dragon Age 4.

BioWare Executive Producer Christian Dailey posted new concept art from Dragon Age 4 depicting a knight from the order in all their armored glory.

For those who haven’t yet scoured over the old scrolls, the Grey Wardens are a faction of knights in the Dragon Age universe who have been vital to fighting back against the Darkspawn and other forces of evil. Players start off as one of the last members of the order during the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins and their history goes back centuries before the first game. While future games would feature protagonists from different backgrounds, the Wardens always had a hand to play in current events, and their state in future games depended highly on decisions the player makes as they go through the franchise.

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BioWare has announced repeatedly that they plan to revive the Mass Effect franchise following Dragon Age, and the developer is also continuing support work on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Still, there are behind-the-scenes reports from the studio that put a great emphasis on this game needing to be a smash hit for the studio. This edition of Dragon Age has been in some form of development for the better part of six years and has already lost its multiplayer component to focus on a single-player experience. We don’t yet have a proper title for Dragon Age 4 or a projected release date, so only time will tell if the studio can rise from the ashes and deliver something that’s worthy of their legacy.

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