Does Shauna Rae Have Cancer Again?

No, Shauna Rae doesn’t have cancer again. She was diagnosed with brain cancer at a very young age; 6 years old to be exact. Further, Rae won the battle against the disease, but her pituitary gland became inactive due to the treatment she underwent.

Shauna’s mother is worried about her health, and fears that cancer might return again. In one of the episodes of ‘I am Shauna Rae,’ she informed the doctors that she is sensitive to light.

According to the doctor, headaches, sensitivity to light and sound are the symptom of migraines.  

Shauna Rae Medical Condition

After Shauna Rae’s pituitary gland became dormant, she stopped growing. Currently standing with a stature of 3 feet and 10 inches, she has not grown since she was 16 years old.

Rae might be 22, but the public mistakes her for a little girl/child. She wants the people to treat her like a ‘normal human being.’

Rae has embarked on a journey to self-acceptance, and you can join her virtually through the show. She might have felt different her whole life, but her fans have showered her with immense love and support.

Shauna’s story has not only inspired others to enjoy their life but has also helped them in the journey of self-love and acceptance.

Shauna Rae Health Update Today

Shauna experiences headaches, nausea, and some other symptoms of migraines. She stated, “I have migraines, I wake up with them most of the time, I go to bed with them most of the time. It’s something I’ve sort of grown used to.”

After hearing Rae, the doctor advises her to see a neurologist just to be sure that there is no underlying illness.