Does Ray Donovan die? Ending of the movie explained


When the Ray Donovan series was abruptly cancelled after season 7, fans were left in uproar, forcing Showtime into a quick re-think as one final outing was confirmed in the form of a movie.

After a lengthy wait, Liev Schreiber returned to the titular role in January 2022, bringing a much-need conclusion to the series.

However, following the events of the movie, fans have been left asking if Ray Donovan dies as the finale leaves his fate up for debate.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ray Donovan: The Movie*

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Ray Donovan | Official Trailer



Ray Donovan | Official Trailer





Ray Donovan: The Movie release date and plot

Almost exactly two years since Showtime cancelled the Ray Donovan series, the highly-anticipated movie hit screens on January 14th, 2022.

Following the events of season 7, the Donovan family’s journey comes full circle with Mickey on the run and Ray determined to track him down before any more damage is caused.

Ray tracks his father down to their hometown of Boston and the pair must decide whether to stand together or give in to their violent upbringings.


Does Ray Donovan die in the movie?

Ray Donovan’s fate in the movie is left intentionally open-ended but actor Liev Schreiber has hinted that his character survives.

In the final moments of Ray Donovan: The Movie, the titular fixer is shown passing out in an ambulance after being shot by Molly Sullivan earlier in the film after learning that her father had died.

Moments later, we see Ray emerge from a pool of water, leaving questions marks over whether or not he survived.

Speaking to USA Today, Ray Donovan actor Liev Schreiber explained: “That open-ended question is intentional. Like, where would you take it? How does it fit in your life? Does that feel like the end of someone’s life or the beginning?

“He looks like he’s alive when the ambulance door closes, right?

“There’s a new, clean Ray. It’s a baptism. In the Roman Catholic tradition, which Ray is from, there’s that sense of revival and renewal and confession. Getting that piece off of his chest (forgiving his father) creates a shiny, new Ray, in a way.”

As Schreiber half hints at, Ray does survive but after the events of the film, he’s placing one chapter behind him and can now start afresh, bringing about a much more satisfying conclusion than fans were left with at the end of season 7.


Who dies in the movie?

While Ray survives the events of the film, his father Mickey is less fortunate.

But after spending seven seasons playing a cat-and-mouse game with Ray, Mickey’s life is actually brought to an end by Bridget, Ray’s daughter.

After killing Mickey, Bridget says that “it had to end,” referring to the vicious cycle of violence that has plagued the Donovan family for decades and caused the death of her own husband, Smitty, in the season 7 finale.


Ray Donovan: The Movie first aired on Showtime on Friday, January 14th, 2022.

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