Does Maddy From Euphoria Have A Tattoo Behind Ear? Alexa Demie Evil Eye Tattoo Details


Alexa Demie has a tattoo behind her right ear. Follow the article to look at the evil eye tattoo she has carved but rarely shows.

Are you enjoying the second season of the HBO Drama Series Euphoria?

The show is building the highest level of tension in each passing episode with fans anticipating how would the story unfold in upcoming episodes.

Coming off after the staggering episode 6 ‘A Thousand Little Trees of Blood’, Demie has opened up about the violent and traumatic scene with the character named Nate.

Click here to follow up on the interview.

In the meantime, we take an inside look at the tattoo she has painted behind her ear.

Look: Alexa Demie Tattoo Behind Ear

Alexa Demie has a special tattoo behind her right ear.

The actress has tattooed an evil eye on the back of her right ear which is rarely seen in public.

Demie, who plays a wild character named Maddy Perez on the critically-acclaimed HBO series Euphoria is not seen donning a tattoo while on the series.

Fans have been awed by her sensational performance this season and the reason might be a tattoo which we are going to discuss on our later topic.

For now, her evil eye tattoo has been highly searched on online platforms as fans want to take a look. While she is yet to flaunt her tattoo openly, you can look at her infamous evil eye tattoo here.

Alexa Demie Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning

The evil eye tattoo of Alexa Demie’s ear has a meaning.

The actress’s small evil eye tattoo behind her ear has been carved in a beautiful way. The tattoo sees a wide outer ring in deep blue color with negative space and dots creating the illusion of an eye.

Demie cannot be found sharing a glimpse of her tattoo on online platforms. Even the series ‘Euphoria’ has hidden the tattoo of the actress.

As for the meaning, Alexa Demie has not given any details on her personal reason to carve behind her right ear. However, the evil eye holds a meaning of protection against bad luck.

Demie has already been involved in 14 projects in her 7-year career and her stardom has risen to its peak.

She has 7.7 million followers on Instagram under just 22 posts.

Alexa Demie Other Tattoo Details

Alexa Demie does not have any other tattoo beside the one behind her right ear.

The 31-year-old actress has not informed her interest in carving other tattoos to the media.

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