Is Rapper Millyz Arrested?

As per a Twitter post and his latest post, it seems like he has been arrested. But no media were talking about it. So it is not clear whether he is arrested for just promoting himself.

However, people find him cool, how while in cuff still, he was promoting himself. Many people are commenting on the same through social media platforms. There are many comments on Twitter.

There is not much information on the rapper. He had done his graduation with Bachelor’s degree from US state University. He posted his arrest on his Instagram with the caption, “Tell Soulja Boy I’m the 1st rapper to promote a concert in cuffs.”

Learn About Millyz Jail Sentence & Charges

Millyz seems to be in jail but, the news is more focused on him promoting himself while on cuff rather than his sentence and charges. So far, there is no news on why he was arrested.

He has posted him promoting himself a few hours back on his Instagram page. It is not sure if the arrest was real, or just his way of promotion himself. Unless an authorized media will not share the news, it remains a doubt.

However, if he was arrested, this was not the first time. He had been charged earlier too. He faced felony charges in three instances before he turned 20, beating armed robbery and conspiracy to traffic cocaine raps. 

Know Millyz Real Name And Net Worth As Of 2022

The rapper Millyz’s real name is Melis Hadley. His estimated net worth range from $1 million – $ 5 million as of 2022. Millyz has earned a lot of attention from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, with thousands of dedicated subscribers. 

The five feet and 10 inches tall rapper have his YouTube channel having 91.3K subscriber as of February 2022. He joined the channel, on the 18th of July in 2010. He has got 3,28,22,279 views so far.

Besides, he is on Instagram with the username @millyz having 345K followers and 49 posts. He is a rising star, and probably with time, his fortune will be increasing simultaneously.