Has Melissa Grelo Had Plastic Surgery Or Illness -What Happened Causing Drastic Weight Loss?

Melissa Grelon does not appear to be ill now, but she did elect to undergo therapy after becoming a mother; aside from that, there is no major news to prove Melissa’s ill-health.

There is no record of her having plastic surgery, but as she had mental issues, she might be losing weight for this reason.

She, like everyone else, had some fears about the pandemic. Many people asked Melissa how she stayed mentally busy during the difficult times.

She talked to her admirers about taking care of her mental health in various ways. She stated that she tried to exercise as much as possible. She also said that she engaged in activities that she enjoyed, such as being creative.

Melissa Grelo Husband 

Melissa Grelo and her husband Ryan Gaggi exchanged vows in 2008. The pair has been married for some years and supports one another.

The couple has one child together. Melissa’s daughter Marquesa Gaggi was born in 2014. She went to counseling for a while after becoming a mother.

Ryan is a well-known Canadian personality who has kept his personal life private due to the media’s lack of information about him.

Gaggi was born on the 18th of July, 1981.

Melissa Grelo Net Worth 2022

Melissa Grelo’s net worth is thought to be around $1 million, even though no one has confirmed it. That figure is no surprise, given her wide range of involvement in many projects.

Melissa’s principal source of income comes from her appearances on Canadian television. Her earnings, however, do not stop there. She is also a co-founder of marque Design, an ethical children’s apparel company.

She is also a member of the WWF Canada board of directors. She is an animal lover who enjoys encouraging others to help conserve animals and the environment.

Ryan’s net worth is expected to reach between $1 million and $5 million in 2022.