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The six episodes of “Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire,” showed a young couple dealing with the consequences of potential betrayal in the relationship. The writer, Marco Missiroli is the finalist at the 73rd Strega Prize and the winner of the Strega Prize Giovani 2019.

We can see relationships these days are difficult to be formed on true emotions. Often we can see either when one person is serious in a relationship while the other tends to take it for granted.

Audiences are waiting for the series impatiently because they might be going through the same consequences in their life. No matter how deeply the couple is in love when betrayal arises, the foundation of love breaks.

The series is plotted on how being faithful to others and to ourselves affects the relationship. When a relationship gets tangled between seduction and reasons three could be an explosion.

Netflix is presenting a series that shows the foundation of love and how delicate love is when it comes to faith. The HBO series is quite different but both deal with the same topic of love, marriage, contentment, infidelity, and more. 

Now the show has been premiered, and we can see how Carlo and Margherita control their protagonism and, remained in love with each other or give in to their instinct and desire and torn apart. 

Now About Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Cast & Creators

Elisa Amoruso, Laura Colella, and Alessandro Fabbri are the Screenplay writers of the series. However, Stefano Cipani and Andrea Molaioli are the directors of the series, Devotion, a story of Love and Desire.

The main cast of the series is played by actors Michele Riondino as Carlo and Lucrezia Guidone as Margherita. They play the main role in the series as a couple. The series is of 40-45 minutes runtime.

The other cast members are Caroline Sala, Leonardo Pazzagli and, Mario Palato. The series consists of six episodes. It is Netflix’s new Italian original series, “Fidelity,” which focused on relationships between young couples.  

Know Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Released On

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire is premiered on Netflix today, February 14, 2022, Valentine’s Day. It is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine and is celebrated annually on February 14th.

Audiences have been watching the official Teaser of the series and waiting desperately for the series to air. Well, their wait has been over, and let’s see how the audience would react to the series.

The official trailers were out a month before the premiere date, and around 480K people have viewed it, and different tailors have been shared on YouTube. To be in a relationship might be easy but, to continue accepting each other’s flaws could get difficult.