Dengue cases rising sharply in Singapore, ‘urgent collective community effort’ needed to fight surge: NEA


SINGAPORE: Dengue cases are rising sharply in Singapore, with 264 cases reported in the week ending Mar 5, the National Environment Agency (NEA) mentioned on Thursday (Mar 10).

This is a rise of 65 cases in contrast to the week earlier than.

The variety of dengue cases in Singapore has been on the rise for eight weeks, with a complete of greater than 1,500 cases reported to this point this 12 months.

“A contributing factor and key concern is the high Aedes aegypti mosquito population detected in the community, which has increased by about 9 per cent in January 2022 compared to in the same period last year,” NEA mentioned in a media launch.

“If left unchecked, the present excessive Aedes aegypti mosquito inhabitants – along with circulation of the beforehand unusual dengue virus serotype 3 (DENV-3) and sizeable proportion of individuals nonetheless staying in and dealing from house – could lead to a surge in dengue cases in the approaching months.

“NEA therefore urges members of the public and other stakeholders to stay vigilant and not let their guard down, as dengue remains a serious public health threat.”

NEA mentioned that an “urgent collective community effort is needed to drastically reduce mosquito breeding habitats” and fight the surge in cases.

The company urged residents and operators of premises to test its web site recurrently and to use the myENV app in order that they are often notified about areas with increased populations of Aedes aegypti mosquitos.

“Residents living at these areas … are advised to be vigilant and take preventive measures against mosquito breeding, including doing the Mozzie Wipeout at least once a week to remove stagnant water,” NEA mentioned.


The company may also be deploying new alert banners in areas with persistently excessive Aedes aegypti mosquito populations in the approaching weeks.

“The new purple-coloured banner will be added to NEA’s existing Dengue Community Alert System, which now includes the display of colour-coded banners to inform residents and members of the public about the dengue situation at their estates,” the company mentioned.

Dengue cases rising sharply in Singapore, 'urgent collective community effort' needed to fight surge: NEA

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