Debunked: Did Chris Rock have a pad on his face throughout Oscars slap?


Some viewers have claimed that Chris Rock had a pad on his face when he was slapped by Will Smith in the midst of the Oscars 2022.

The dialogue throughout the 94th Academy Awards is far from over as wild theories have risen given that infamous second between the two stars.

A few followers are beneath the impression that the on-stage slap was staged and that the comedian wore a cheek pad, suggesting Will’s actions have been pre-planned.

That’s solely a wild idea and it’s totally untrue.

Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP by Getty Images

No, Chris Rock didn’t put on a face pad

Reuters clarified of their newest story that the viral picture utilized by some to say that Chris wore a cheek pad is in reality “altered”.

The genuine {{photograph}} of the comedian getting slapped by Will was captured by photographer Brian Snyder.

It is sized ” 2713px × 1793px”, versus the picture in question, which is of “8K quality and sized 7,680px x 4,320px”.

The publication has extra claimed that the “skin tone and natural face wrinkles in the original photo were likely edited in the version on social media.”

You can see the comparability between the distinctive and “altered” picture proper right here.

Reuters has moreover pointed that Chris had a light-weight stubble on the Oscars night nevertheless that isn’t seen inside the picture that has been going viral. This is “another indication the image was digitally altered.”

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Viewers assume the slap was “staged”

Those who watched the Oscars have taken to Twitter to elucidate why they assume Will slapping Chris was staged.

One opined: “I can’t believe you guys think the Will Smith slap was legit. It was staged AF. As for what Chris Rock stood to gain from it – publicity, fuelling ticket sales.”

“Okay, now I’m thinking the whole Will and Chris slap is staged -_- cause ain’t nobody watches the Oscars, but now people might lmao,” wrote one different.

“I believe the “slap” was a staged event to create a buzz throughout the Oscars for this 12 months and I’m sure they’ll use it as soon as extra subsequent 12 months too. The Oscars had poor attendance and important lack of scores, so what greater to do than stage an event?!?,” theorized one.

Has the comedian apologized to Will Smith and his partner?

Will publicly apologized to Chris on Instagram, nevertheless the comedian has remained silent after the incident.

At the time of writing, Chris hasn’t apologized to Will or his partner for making a joke about her look. Neither has he responded or issued an announcement after getting slapped on stage.

The comedian is however to publicly accept Will’s apology as successfully.

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