Learn About Dave Thomas Death Cause & Obituary

Dave Thomas had cancer and removed his stomach. He has been posting a tweet related to his cancer on his Twitter account. He seemed to be very close to his pet cats. 

He seems to suffer from cancer and other illnesses since 2018. He worked with Brian Keene for “The Horror Show with Brian Keene.” The show featured in-depth interviews with the genre’s biggest names and a discussion of the latest business in horror fiction.

Many people who know him in the horror community have expressed their condolences to his beloved and nearest ones. The message of tribute has been overflown in the media.

Lots of people send prayers to Deena as well. We do extend our condolences to his nearest ones and may the almighty God keeps him in peace. We have lost another legend. 

What Happened To Dave Thomas, ‘The Horror Show With Brian Keene’ Co-Host?

Dave Thomas, “The Horror Show With Brian Keene” had passed away. As per Brian‘s post on his Twitter, he passed away in his sleep late this morning. He added it was peaceful.

He passed away having loved ones at his side both in person and on the phone. People have been helping him with donations for his treatment. He & Deena appreciated the love and support the community had shown past year.

A private memorial will be held at a later date. ‘The Horror Show With Brian Keene’ was an award-winning weekly podcast that ran for six and a half years and nearly 300 episodes.

Know Dave Thomas Age And Wikipedia 

Dave Thomas’s age at the time of his death has not been shared. However, observing his appearance and looks, he might be in his seventies. He was not featured on Wikipedia.

He had a girlfriend named Deena. He was suffering from several major illnesses since 2018. In 2019, he was finally diagnosed with cancer, and after a month of chemo and radiation treatment, his stomach was removed.

He lost his project deals for his prolonged illness, and his girlfriend also could not help him financially as she lost her job due to COVID-19. His recovery became slow and lengthy.