Dateline: Who Is David Novak? Ken Dolezsar Alleged Killer – Where Is He Now?


In civil court fillings, a convicted fraudster, David Novak, was charged with recruiting a contract killer to assassinate a hockey coach in 2007. Details to follow are enlisted below. 

Just after the guy who promised to fund his $1.9 million documentaries about life in federal prison was brutally shot in the parking area of a Sandy Village Inn, David Novak departed Utah. 

Novak, according to the spouse of the murder victim Kenneth Dolezsar, was the brains behind her husband’s execution. 

Similarly, she claimed that Novak paid Eugene Christopher Wright $25,000 to kill her husband in a complaint filed in the 3rd District Court. 

Dateline: Who Is David Novak? Wiki Explored

As per sources, David Novak is a former criminal who was found guilty of mail fraud and transmitting phony distress signals in 1996. 

Similarly, he was sentenced to jail for faking his own death in an aircraft accident, according to a Sandy police officer who pleaded during Wright’s trial. 

Novak, according to the reports, didn’t fake his death but rather abandoned the plane because it required a new engine and then filed a phony insurance claim. 

Furthermore, Novak served a year in a Florida detention center. He went on to write a book about his experience there and create a consultancy service for white-collar offenders on the verge of going to prison. 

Ken Dolezsar Murder: David Novak Arrest Charges Details

As per the lawsuit, David Novak, an ex-con turned white-collar criminal advisor, had marketed his services to Kenneth Dolezsar for months before his death. 

Reportedly, Novak assured Dolezsar, a hockey coach at Utah Valley State College, that in return for $1.9 million, he could have Dolezsar’s wife’s 27-month jail sentence for tax evasion commuted.

Similarly, the cash that Novak intended to use in part to fund a documentary called “Downtime,” according to the lawsuit. The film was intended to serve as a guide for persons who were about to enter a prison camp. 

Novak was arrested and charged for allegedly hiring a contract killer to murder Kenneth Dolezsar. However, detailed data about his charges and arrest details has been notified by online sources. 

David Novak’s Age: Where Is He Now?

Looking at his picture, David Novak’s present age might fall somewhere around his late 50s. However, the following number is just speculation, as his age and date of birth are yet to be revealed. 

There are no such details available about Novak’s whereabouts, as of now. He might be confronting his jail sentence at the very moment. 

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