Danielle Prieto Car Crash, NJ School Official Killed in Car Accident Check Video Images


Recently, a piece of quite heartwrenching news is reported from Florida which made everyone shocked and shattered plenty of hearts, as popular ex-township Board of Education member Danielle Prieto, her spouse Alfred and 16-years-old son Antonio is no more. As their massive accident has occurred on Florida’s highway, which led to their unexpected demise. Since the news took place on social media it brought a wave of great sorrow, as their close ones are going through a deep trauma of losing them in such a worst manner, as spontaneous accident became the cause of their departure.

Danielle Prieto  - Danielle Prieto Car Crash NJ School Official Killed in Car - Danielle Prieto Car Crash, NJ School Official Killed in Car Accident Check Video Images

As per the exclusive reports, The crash occurred on Saturday at 10:00 PM, when the SUV they have inside, collided with a tractor-trailer. As soon as the news of the accident came to the attention of the concerned department, they immediately went to the accident spot without delay and commenced the investigation. But initially, the police got all three admitted to the hospital so that they could be saved by the doctors but their body was badly injured, which became the cause of heavy bleeding and created fatal health complications, therefore, later they have pronounced dead by the medical team. 

It is being reported, that Danielle Prieto was 53 and her spouse was 57 at the time of the incident, she was popular among her students. As she has the perfect way to teach them, therefore, as soon as they are getting acquainted with the unfortunate news, their immense reaction is speaking their feelings towards the deceased. Even her close ones are also going through the great trauma of losing them, in such an unpredicted manner. But yet their bodies are under the custody of the medical department, therefore, no funeral details have been spotted yet, but as soon as we will get something we would update you.

As her near and dear ones are getting to know the news, their deepest condolences are coming out where everyone is praying for her close ones. So that the strength of all of them remains intact and can arise from this mishap because the one who had to go has gone which is sad enough. Hence, everyone is trying to encourage them from their side so that, their strength gives them the strength to fight this shock. We would also implore for their strength as well as pray to God that the souls of all those dead may rest in peace (RIP). 

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