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Corpse Husband Net Worth: Relationships & Face Reveal

What is Corpse Husband’s net worth? There is no wonder people feel more comfortable and confident being anonymous on the internet these days. But the guy we are gonna talk about has even made his anonymity a discourse. Those familiar with youtube streamers may know him well. He, too, is a famous Youtuber. But No one knows much about him. He is with a fancy name, and no one other than Corpse Husband himself knows his identity. He is an enigmatic youtube star with over 6.5 million followers.

Corpse Husband is one of the biggest content creators on youtube currently. He started his career on youtube as a storyteller with his identity anonymous. The stories he presented weren’t regular but had a dark side along. He narrated horror stories with his low deep tone voice. His voice gave soul to his stories. Thus being so much liked by his youtube audience. Moreover, Corpse Husband also narrated true crime stories making his narrations filled with much horror. Despite being inconsistent with his uploads, he has managed to earn views from his audience. He has had a total of 242 million views on his channel since his start in 2015.

Corpse Husband networth, face reveal, relationships

Is Corpse Husband ready for his face reveal?

Corpse Husband’s real name is unknown. But it is known that he is a 23 years old YouTuber, born and brought up in San Diago, California, United States. His identity still is a mystery and will remain to be as long as the YouTuber is ready for the face reveal. Well, Marshmallow has a mysterious personality. Maybe, millennials prefer to be anonymous. What if Marshmallow and Corpse Husband turns out to be the same person? Maybe but a very low possibility. The closest fans get to know his face was in an interview of the creature with Anthony Padilla. In the interview, Corpse Husband was accompanied by two other faceless YouTubers. Corpse’s face in the interview was covered with his logos. Well, it is certain Anthony knows who he is. You can see, Corpse’s face has been edited with anime graphics in the pic.

Corpse Husband face reveal, net worth and relationship

Well, Corpse Husband suffers various health issues. This worries his youtube audience. Corpse Husband has stated of being affected by several conditions, including sleep apnoea, fibromyalgia, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Being affected by numerous diseases, Corpse faces severe pains if streamed for long hours. Youtuber also wears an eye patch, which can be seen in many of his streams. This could be due to his one eye being light-sensitive.

Who is Corpse Husband’s Girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, there is very little information about Corpse Husband to the public. But Corpse Husband has been seen talking about breakups in his live streams. The Corpse, once in his ‘among us’ Livestream, flat-out told his audience that bad breakups had made him off of dating scenes. After a viewer in the chat told him that his streams had helped them to cope with a difficult breakup. For which his reply was, “Yeah, breakups f***ing suck. Moreover, he said, “so I just don’t date anybody … Glad to help you through that; breakups are awful.”

Corpse Husband Net Worth

Corpse Husband, alongside his youtube channel, also makes his music. He has about 1.1 million followers on Spotify, with his most listened to track to be ‘E- GIRLS ARE RUNNING MY LIFE!’. The song received over 75 million plays.  He has also featured in Machine gun Kelly’s track, ‘DAYWALKER’.

According to Social Blade, he would be earning $83000 a month from his content on youtube alone. All the more, from his music career, he has earned a cool amount of $600,000. Thus, taking everything in accounting, we can estimate Corpse Husband’s net worth to be around $1.5 million.

So this was all about the enigma, that’s Corpse Husband. No one knows when he is going to reveal up his face to the public. And his drastic health issues always concern his audience about whether he could continue to be as entertaining as always. Wish for Corpse Husband’s health and prosperity.