China makes its mark and raises its flag on Mars

and pick up robotThe bird-like man took a selfie next to his landing pad, using a detachable camera, and his solar panels looked more like two wings.

and organized Chinese space agency Celebrating the occasion of the publication of a self-portrait showing the Chinese flag at the landing site on the surface Mars In a reddish atmosphere, according to the Associated Press.

Android wasZurongHe arrived at the site in mid-May after a nearly year-long journey from Earth, and also took a picture of the trails of his six wheels in the soil of Mars.

China’s space agency described it as a “fingerprint”. China” On red planet.

The robot “Zurong” weighs 240 kilograms, and will take a lesson The environment of Mars and analyze the composition of its rocks.

Among the robot’s other tasks, it performs soil and atmospheric analyzes, takes pictures, and contributes to mapping the Red Planet.

The robot took 4 high-definition pictures, as it placed the camera 10 meters from the landing platform, and then retreated to take a selfie of it and the landing platform, according to AFP.

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