Changes in The Approach to Education in 2022: Advantages and Disadvantages


The world and societies within it are evolving continuously. New ways of lifestyle, teaching or studying become increasingly available worldwide. And because technology is changing constantly making more room for innovations, it is changing the educational domain too. Not only education, but healthcare, or finance depend on technology to thrive and exist. As it provides the tools and information necessary, it has become a mandatory thing to use. Which might have changed the approach to education in 2022.

Changes in the Approach to Education in 2022 Advantages and disadvantages  - Changes in The Approach to Education in 2022 Advantages and - Changes in The Approach to Education in 2022: Advantages and Disadvantages

This should not be seen as something bad. Changing how you deliver information, how you teach students, how you study, learn, and write your essays is something that happens naturally. Generations change. They have other dreams and ideals, different expectations. So, it is normal for education to adapt to these needs and meet them. Pupils around the world, but college students too will benefit from these changes this year. Which come with advantages and disadvantages.

Doing homework just got faster

If before the invention of the internet and computers students had to put in a lot of time for research and homework, now this is not valid anymore. Having to write an essay about the history of your country or state, for example, came with a lot of tasks. You had to go to the library, read books, and maybe get access to some scientific journals and findings.

Nowadays, all this information is only one-search away on Google. You can even get essay help from professionals or hire writer. During my college years, I always felt t000hat I needed help with my essay and thanks to the evolution of technology, this help is closer than I ever thought. A writing service with professional writers helped me overcome these academic challenges. And doing homework just got faster due to the wide and free access to information.

Distance Learning

The past two years have been full of changes. A global pandemic came, people had to stay in quarantine. Across the world, there were lockdown restrictions in place. And this had a huge effect on the way people work or study. Because large gatherings of people were not allowed and students had to pursue their academic goals, everything shifted online.

Distance learning has become a new thing. Even though the restrictions ease, it seems that distance learning will never be outdated. This is because it offers students a greater degree of flexibility. Those who have jobs or families to take care of prefer this way of learning.


However, this comes with disadvantages too. Not meeting your colleagues face to face, interacting with your teachers, or just communicating with teammates can put a toll on your mental health.

Staying confined in a small space and only seeing your colleagues through video calls might not come with positive effects. This might make you feel anxious, sad, and lonely.

Soft-Skills Emphasis

Another approach change that we will likely see in 2022 in education is the emphasis put on soft skills. Until now, they were not included in the curricula of courses. It was something that students developed while they have worked on their tasks. Or enrolled in courses. But this is likely to change this year. More and more employers are looking for specific soft skills in candidates. So, preparing them for the working environment is essential.

Of course, students will continue to develop their skills by completing the academic tasks they have. But many professors have already taken this into account. They will need to encourage students to work on improving their skills continuously. However, doing this while everyone is distance learning can turn out to be a real challenge.

They need to create development opportunities for students so that they will improve their skills and become more employable when they graduate.

Catching the Attention

All these changes pose new challenges for teachers. As generations of students are growing and changing, so do their needs and expectations. Nowadays, it might become difficult for a teacher to catch and maintain the attention of students. They need to use more visuals and find other narratives to help them convey the message.

Final Thoughts

Many changes happen in the entire world. But the global pandemic has triggered changes, many of which transformed into challenges. The approach to education is changing. It, of course, comes with advantages and disadvantages. But all these changes in the educational sector are important. And they can pave the way towards a healthier, more cohesive, and encouraging learning environment.

Bio lines: Robert Griffith is a blogger and content writer. He writes about productivity, education, and finance. Robert’s favourite book is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

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